#Egyptians Prevail? One More Day to Go

Dateline: Somewhere in the Jungle, Costa Rica

A Western Woman’s Point of View

Thumper for Participatory Democracy is one of three lines on my business card. Today, I need new engraved cards made. Why? ‪#‎Egypt‬ has fashioned NON-Participatory Democracy.

By boycotting a faked election for a little man who has no relationship to a free society, the Egyptian people have done what many predicted. They have led the world down a different path of non-violent political activism. A new improved non-violent civil disobedience serving the greater good and slaying the corrupting evil.

By not voting, they send a blaring message to every #coup leader, every thief of #liberty, every #foreign policy advisor, and every #despot Egyptians prefer a democracy, and not some trumped-up psychopath junta murdering, arresting and spreading fear.

Those who refuse to vote stand taller than ever for #freedom, #justice and #bread. To say I am proud of Egyptian brothers and sisters does not come close to the respect I hold in my heart. I join with you in prayer to bring peace, not bloody revolution.

The Sea Eagle is the majestic bird symbolizing #Egypt. #El Sisi is a fallen crinkled star made of rotting Felucca sails and blood soaked Galibias of his own doing.

The world is watching while most ImageAmericans are sunk in an abyss of apathy. Egypt could well be the phoenix rising, the one holy men and women envision and billions of humans seek. God knows, not you, nor me.

Yet, honor yourself and your encompassing passion for your homeland by the Nile. In the years I have observed the body politic, Egyptians take the cake, the donuts, and the whole bakery for a culture die-heart in love with their remarkable land of ancient mysteries and mystical understandings.

Many healings, many joys, many strong hearts . . . and to the innocent, release them El Sisi – return them to mother Egypt and then go into exile with the rest of the power drunkards.


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