Era of Live Violence Goes Viral

Dateline: #KeyWest, Florida, USA, Today

The Era of Real Live Violence Goes Viral

Tropical tourista Key West, like thousands of other communities around the planet, is subject to escalating brutalization by puke hearted authorities. 

Why is police/para military rage being acted out upon the innocent when citizen cell phones or municipality surveillance cameras easily record such horrors (see below)? 

It use to be the screwed-up cops dragged their prey somewhere hidden in the hallows of justice or a back alley to beat the crap out of them. Why now in front of others able to record and disseminate the insanity for all to see?

Gun rampages inside theaters or schools are not by accident and neither are daily dramas of violence in America’s inner urban neighborhoods or backroads in Alabama. An entire history of societal ills from poverty to drugs to gang mentality feeds on its self. 

Self-hatred, exhibited by highly dysfunctional police thugs or paid mercenaries, makes you and I the target, but why? Why are we the focus of a human collective inner rage fed by false egos? Why is unlimited herd madness apparently so pathologically amuck the boys in blue have no sense of remorse, as individuals or as operating gangs? 

Tasering a ten-year kid, or shooting someone’s dog over a pizza delivery gone askew, or blasting away at a great grandmother are planned acts of aggression to instill fear in the masses. They receive broad spectrum coverage in the media. They circulate across the vast landscape of social media, sometimes for years. They go viral.

The entire US judicial system from the Supreme Court to the podunk judge in rural where ever is part of a systemic erosion of civil liberties where the mental tires are burnt and the emotional wheels have come off. What was the foundation for civil society, the rule of law, is blown to smithereens. 

Why is an ungodliness visited upon us by corrupted boys in blue, or camo, who are suppose to champion our safety and protect us from harm gone off into deep-space? 

Beginning in the late 60s LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept.) beat to death people of color. SWAT teams took down radical subversives like the Black Panthers in a wink of a blind woman holding tilted scales. The pigs invaded homes of those suspected of being against the police state’s siege to, “keep the niggars down, isolate the spics, and scare the living shit out of the gooks.” 

These grotesque slurs indicate how necessary it is for primitive insanity to bed itself deep down into a pathology riddled with fear and insecurity. Fired up with hatred and bias the cops had no problem with murdering the citizenry in the name of security demanded by a ruling status quo. Politicians, priests, bread makers, dog walkers, and the rest of the citizenry inside gated communities and enclaves of the rich and rude turned on the nightly news to watch the latest blood bath. Here they could feel their part of the village would never be violated by the “likes of them.”

A state of proxy local wars acted out by authorities on the streets of East LA to downtown Burbank and even raunchy parts of Venice, California where the first shadows of a creeping ugliness. A pollution burping of what our species going rogue is capable of while apathy and self-preservation rule over common sense and compassion. 

What is destroyed is the primal human need to gather together so the lions and tigers do not jump into the communal fires set to ward off the dangers of the night and its predators. The multi-cultural heart of a multi-dimensional community, a sense of belonging, of pride and place is satisfied in safety in numbers, coming together under the best and worst of times. It takes a village, a city, a trailer park, a neighborhood to establish its own unique community identity. Sprawl is the exact opposite of fostering community and civil unity. Alienation is the watchword to split and splinter neighbor from neighbor.

Once the fabric of society is shredded and burned beyond generational recognition the Phoenix is awaited. Today, across our world, caring concerned humanity paces, prays, and sighs in hopes of a rebirth, a reboot, a regeneration of human love or at the most banal begging level, “Please officer, don’t shoot by baby.”

Quaint-like downtown tropical Key West is known for its surrounding Gulf Stream turquoise waters, party places, wicked nightlife, and free-ranging chickens. Into this scene pours those staying on live-aboard boats docked in fancy or funky boat basins or folks driving down the keys for a lively Saturday evening of food and frolic. The beauty of its Ernest Hemingway ambiance is Disneyesque, not real, yet attracts visiting cruise ships like hummingbirds to sugar syrup feeders. 

There are many establishments in Key West, the very end of the road, with an ever widening menagerie of human lifestyles from visiting drunkard yacht stewards blowing off steam to gays running beautifully appointed B & Bs interacting with the traditional Key Wester. A KW native is way more pirate than Rotarian, more inbred anarchist than Baptist, and more kindly than aloof. It is as if God took Florida and stood it on its head and all the independent marbles, artsy types, maritime left-overs and harmless nut jobs rolled down to Key West.

It is reported, with no confirmation, regular customers of the world famous#SloppyJoe‘sBar in response to #CharlesEimers being beaten and kicked to death by the cops, have erected a memorial in his name with love notes, feathers, sunglasses, hats, fishing rigs, carvings, used condoms, and other human flotsam and jetsam. 

Maybe, what needs to be done is at the next sunset vigil of tiger cats jumping through hoops of fire down on the boardwalk another act could be included. The newest Key West crazy shit I leave to those who inhabit this unique community to devise.

What am I suggesting is it not be a panacea or a magical dusting, rather something wholly holy from the hearts of those who love their community and will not stand for it to become a battleground. 

I adore Key West, if you can’t surmise from the above. Not just because of its Tarpon fishing and mangrove birds but because Key West is a real piece of Americana. It is tainted and funky, yet unique to its community core brimming over with unspoken acceptance and integration. Fishing and blue water adventure tales are circulated like suds in a Marin County hot tub. Some of these stories and storytellers (like Hemingway) become not just legendary, they become the bedrock of community pride.Image


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