Meaning of #Mocus Pocus

Today’s arrogant annoying one-liner is not. It is a definition for mocus pocus. Yes, i have moved on from made-up words to made-up phrases. 

The condition of mocus pocus is described as follows: When understanding, insight, affection, knowledge, tolerance, and love are captured as hostages to be held in a self-made quarantine where one is blinded by self-inflicted voodoo. These acts of sticking one’s heart, soul, and mind with spears of denial are not restricted by any boundary, either geo or genetic. 

Consequently, what acts out are moments stretching sometimes into decades of mocus pocus. Usually, but not always, this dis-ease is alleviated by stopping any consumption of mood altering drugs or buying into ego or prideful balloon binges. 

There are companions/adaptations to mocus pocus (mp) such as political mp, bankster mp, writer mp, expat mp, and more. See upcoming addendum.

There is a cure. It has nothing to do with diving with stingrays, or globalilizing* love vibes. As in vibrations, in resonance, directed at those establishing one more coup hoping to destroy any attempt for a free society to emerge, anywhere on the planet. 

On third thought, maybe it does.

*Another made-up word, but you get its definition.


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