US Govt. Exports Terror, Regularly, with Gusto

The omnipresence expansion of terror around the world is not emanating from Islam, rather it is the direct action of an operating uncontrolled unaccountable entity, I label the United States of Hillary.

It is unclear how most Americans (ever-blinded by a daily grind to sustain themselves and their families?) still cannot see the blood and gore in foreign streets, the magnitude of rain forests gone MIA, or DU[1] radiated bricks in the wall defining a guileless global wide pattern.

A systemic disordering of human cultures perpetrated by generational administrations of the Untied States government from Proxy Wars to feigned protective battles is the never ending expansion of dirty oil imperialism. It is a story to be shared, over, and over again – via social media, blogs, and postings. Reuse what you want from this piece. It is free for the taking.

The US Govt.’s repetition of planned raging terror rears its grotesque GOP/Democrat Party duel head around the world. Its modus operandi to finance the business of permanent war while emerging freedom is beat down is simple. Stealing the American workers taxpayer dollars to finance civil disorder via coup d’états while selling investment bonds to China is the US Govt.’s OPM (other peoples money) funding stream. American worker bees’ taxable income specifically furnishes and feeds coups and false flag wars. A homeland corporate deep state uses OPM to expand its greedy basturd self. Droning to death Arab kids and wedding parties blended with meta-data surveillance provides the corporate establishment with security justifications. OPM is the fodder for war budgets. Ignorance and arrogance consumed by fear stifles any possible inner rhetoric based on values and right action.

Because of a seething collective unconsciousness seated in current cultural acquiescence, Americans continue to slave away on the plantation. They work to provide the harvest the 1% needs to build greater wealth and separation from the shackled masses. 9/11 and the banking debacle of 2008 were tandem-planned tipping points to carry forward the charade. Fear derived from false flags means the American populace is more easily hog-tied, rubber bulleted, and media manipulated by fear. American workers’ hard earned monies become faster and faster available to re-finance Wall Street’s next huge nosedive, or pay for an up and coming necessary coup of a foreign govt. daring to become value-prone and humanistic. Oppression is first, and foremost a colonializing of the mind.

The following information is based on factual research. Yet, I witnessed a couple of these revulsions working as an on-the-ground free-lance journalist (stringer).

There are far better detailed studies of American corporate imperialism in Latin America. What is offered below is a historical synopsis, with footnotes, to hopefully blow some doors off apathy by proving to the readership exactly what monies deducted from American pay warrants are used for – as in, the war chest for coup intercessions on bequest of the exclusive corporate state.

The U.S. government’s current abuse of tax-payer monies to fund right wing, anti-labor forces in Venezuela is consistent with its lewd and dishonest history of intervening in the affairs of Latin American and Caribbean countries.  Washington’s overriding aim for more than a century is to install and fortify dependent terror-bent regimes to support and sustain multi-national corporations and certain so-called economic incentive projects. 

Grandiosity delivered by the World Bank (WB)[2] and InterAmerican Development Bank (IADB) [3] – by way of proposed projects to ensue geo-political pressure, or locked in battles with natives, or up and running screwing with Earth’s tilt and destroying habitat and wild species – are devilish deeds. These disgusting development projects in the name of progress include: Dams, transmission power lines, ports, cement manufacturing sites, mines, oil and gas exploration and commandeering of same plus refineries (land and maritime), along with aluminum plants, salmon farms, covert military bases, and construction of offshore tax haven corporate headquarters. All these activities directly benefit American military industrial complex avarice agendas while undermining the third world from crawling up out of American corporate made gutters. These international bankster schemes almost never benefit the people living near the foreign conceived and constructed ventures, yet, they kill off locals (human and otherwise) from pollutants and destruction of eco-systems.

The inter-linkage between dirty oil development and Wall Street robbery is at the center of the cyclone of American hawk politics. A tiny core body politic, more psychopath-like than even Hitler’s regime, gained control over America. This happening is not a conspiratorial series of events.

My WTF? analysis of what is going on is far simpler. My understanding stems from thirty years in American politics. The body politic takes on a life of its very own. Policies barely considered become universal bedrock because they fill an expanding void of inaction and paranoia. Analysts, academics, media pundits, and other suits, like plastic bobbing hula dancers glued on dashboards, in unity, side with prevailing powers because they all feed at a trough filled by their masters. Sloth, greed, and ennui spew across a political landscape like oil from a train of tankers wrecked by a herd of confused wild critters attempting to escape a cancerous dirge of fracking rigs, be it Alabama or North Dakota.

Most of the third world projects funded by the crooked WB and IADB were devised with faux directives to alleviate poverty in poor countries. They are stinky to high heaven deceptions doing nothing but stealing resources, firing-up polluting manufacturing, and  Image

snorting up minerals, forests, and fossil fuels. Abusing the native populace for cheap labor is written into the scenario. The installation of these projects further fatten and burp inherent Latin political corruption of ruling families going back to the conquistadors. Some projects eventually bankrupt governments (establishing even greater controls by foreign powers). All devastate the precious tropical environment displacing indigenous peoples while destroying budding hope for freedom and justice.

Earth is pissed. If this is news to you, spend some time observing, in the flesh, any current climatic change from hail storms to bird migrations. As a noisy eco-warrior, I see the whole tower of crud toppling over, yet I wonder, do you? We did not get here without coups and ruling prurient special interests. The American way of putting on blinders and going shopping when the road ahead is too much to handle is a given. Well-trained by marketing departments Americans prefer new pickup trucks and the geography of nowhere than clean air and walkable villages surrounded by green space.

Furthermore, in a bizarre international double whammy (read con game) of trade agreements (NAFTA and CAFTA), there is a massive mowing down of both Latinos and Americans in the wake of profit margins and escalating marginalization. Those stuck in honey-less hives are trapped with no way out except to contract with coyotes in cahoots with anti-immigration forces.

Costa Rica, known as the Switzerland of Central America, dismantled its military in 1948 preferring free national medical care and education. When Nicaragua blew up over the Contra War[4], Costa Rica became a permanent refugee camp for 600,000+ Nicas to the chagrin of US policymakers.

The pervasive US govt.’s foreign policy of puking out coups is concocted from squeals railing up from corporate rat nests – lobbyists and backchannels. The linked agendas of these bow wow greed masters flow right into the septic chambers and backrooms of the US government. Snazzy tweeting backchannels launched by meta-national corporations regulate NGOS, rheostat think tanks, and abuse foundations as propaganda mechanisms.

Each of these more shit for brains pieces to the republic’s crumbling cookie are cloned shelters for a bleated lying public mission statement. Yet, all continue to opaquely assert a ruling agenda of corporate greed and control by disseminating the fakery of promoting democracy and the predictability of “securing America” with zip accountability or public scrutiny.

Foreign polices (read an unregulated industry) are specifically geared to disguise both inhuman exploitation of workers and resources, in country after country. Foreign polices are designed to foster profit for Wall Street lining the pockets of dirty oil, mining, warmongers, and war manufacturers. Herein is the acceptable corporate norm lurching and belching, not the exception, protected by an idiocy of a US Supreme Court.

Consequently, U.S. foreign policies, overtly and covertly, underpin the development of right-wing opposition groups to overthrow independent governments. Governments seeking to actually assuage poverty, legislate positive reforms, and nurture consistent basic rights to support the greater good of its people, both indigenous and not, while working to safeguard the environment are collapsed via coups. Monopoly games aside, rogue freedom-rising governments are pushed aside by strategic dispensed coups.

Once a coup is installed the quality of valued family life and local small business, inherent in Latin American and island economies, is literally bulldozed down to make way for big box America. Pepsi, Coca Cola, and rag (clothing) factories, Wal-Marts, Intel, Microsoft, Ford, GM, GMO fast ‘food’ franchises, meta-national owned banana, salmon, coffee, and palm oil, and much more, replace rich biodiversity, sustainable communities and local markets.

Like a country-wide spraying fest using Roundup all other elements of Latin American economics are infected. Corporate ‘providers’ take over urban environs and American intrusion of mono-culture plantations married to nitrate fertilizing companies, dirty oil and gas, mining concerns, cement factories, and other global intertwined corporations trading in the global casino. After dirty oil, the number two commodity traded is coffee. Stakeholders, such as smalltime artisanal coffee farmers, are trampled as nano-second bets are laid down, selling long or short, depending on the rat pack immaturity condition of the traders.

Below is a fat and factual list of US Govt. interventions defining a sordid and obscene record of interpolations. Purposely, there is no mention of another interrelated US govt. policy, the War on Drugs (read War for Drugs). This debacle is another subterfuge to control the people of Latin America (and North America) by capturing resources and turf to put troops and war equipment inside the boundaries of Latino countries. I will provide specifics surrounding this permeating US Govt. intercession in Latin America and the Caribbean in another posting.

I have deleted coups/invasions/American corruption in the countries of Mexico, El Salvador, Granada, Panama, Nicaragua, and some of the island nations, also. They are absent not because they are less than what is listed below. I decided to break down this post into manageable info chunks as attention spans are shortening faster than burning wicks on the Vatican’s altar candles. 

Coups are interpositions and fester in various formats, yet geographical landscape and targeted culture sets the tone for every junta. But every junta is dressed in identical China-made riot gear driving Russian tanks and using US Hummers to scare people and murder children. Ukraine is the number four arms dealer in the world, America being numbero uno, of course.

After closely observing the dynamics of a few coups (had to pitch this slider), most of this interventions follow a recognizable format as the junta musters its way onto despot’s throne of power. Seen one coup/junta, seen ’em all.  


Inventory of US Govt. Supported Coups


1. Guatemala – June 18-27, 1954 (inception date)

U.S. financed and backed a coup[5] (the footnote numbers are lies) against elected Guatemala’s President Jacobo Arbenz, June 18-27, 1954, opening the doorway for a nearly 40-year-rule of a bloody dictatorship[6] estimated to have murdered over 200,000 people (83% of Mayan heritage speaking 22 different native dialects) while destroying local eco-tourism based economics advanced by aspiring creative Guatemalans. Any positive move to establish a middle class of familial merchants and professionals was thwarted by horrific acts by the CIA. CIA installed Castillo Armas in power, and supported Armas’s corrupt to the core regime using American trained forces to instill fear and shock by torturing and murdering any dissenters including babies, burros, and grandparents. The CIA forces torched neighborhoods, crop fields, forests, and pueblos in revenge attacks against guerrillas seeking freedom and justice. In certain areas of Guatemala City, and the remote highlands, a reign of terror and tyranny slowly steams and will eventually boil over and erupt, not unlike the active volcanoes of Latin America.


2. Cuba – 1960/61

U.S. customized its imposed embargo on Cuba in 1960 enforcing its sanctions[7] against the Cuban people to this very day. In 1961, the U.S. government launched the Bay of Pigs military invasion of Cuba in a failed attempt to overthrow the Cuban government.


3. Brazil – April 1, 1964

U.S. financed and backed a coup[8] against Brazil’s elected President Joao Goulart, April 1, 1964, festering a bloodstained horror show – another repressive dictatorship. New documents published in Brazil on the 50th anniversary[9] of the despotism reveal a far more direct and sordid U.S. involvement than previously known or suspected.


4. Chile – September 11, 1973

U.S. financed and backed a coup against Chile’s elected President Salvador Allende on Sept. 11, 1973, opening a period of bloody totalitarianism under Augusto Pinochet[10]. The period of Pinochet’s madness included the arrest of 130,000+ Chileans, the torture of 29,000+ and the killing of additional thousands of innocent people as his autocracy allowed for an invasion of mining companies, polluting salmon raising companies, demise of the rainforest, and drill baby drill for oil and gas on land and offshore.


5. Argentina – March 24, 1976

U.S. financed and backed the coup against Argentina’s elected President Isabel Peron March 24, 1976, opening the way for a blood-spattered dictatorship. The Dirty War (Spanish: Guerra Sucia) was the name used by the Argentine Government for a period of state terrorism in Argentina against political dissidents, with military and security forces conducting urban and rural guerrilla violence against left-wing guerrillas, political dissidents, and anyone believed to be associated with socialism. Victims of the violence included an estimated 15,000 to 30,000 left-wing activists and militants, including trade unionists, students, journalists, Marxits, Peronist guerrillas, and alleged sympathizers.  Some 10,000+ of the “disappeared” were believed to be guerrillas of the Montoneros (MPM), and the Marxist People’s Revolutionary (ERP). The guerrillas were responsible for causing at least 6,000 casualties among the military, police forces, and civilian population according to a National Geographic Magazine article in the mid-1980s. The ‘disappeared ones’ of the pro-socialists lot were considered to be a political or ideological threat to the military junta and their disappearances an attempt to silence the opposition and break the determination of the freedom fighting guerillas.[11]


6. Venezuela – April 11, 2002

U.S. financed and backed a coup[12] against Venezuela’s elected President Hugo Chavez April 11, 2002 — but failed, as millions took to the streets to foil the coup-makers (who had arrested Chávez) and then the people reinstated Chávez.


7. Haiti – February 28, 2004

U.S. financed and backed the coup against Haiti’s elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide February 28, 2004, opening a period of chaos and occupation by MINUSTAH troops.


8. Honduras – June 28, 2009

U.S. financed and backed the coup against Honduras’ elected President Manuel Zelaya June 28, 2009 — under Obama’s watch, attacking and reversing gains of agrarian reform and other social democracy policies under Zelaya.


9. Egypt – Now

The ubiquitous pattern for the US govt. ‘style’ of civil disorder (coup leading to a junta) to foster a deep state is flourishing in #Egypt, under the El-Sisi/Sawiris/Mubarak redox. Over 21,000+ pro-democracy partisans are in jail including children along withaward winning journalists, and members, sympathizers, and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), including the deposed elected President, Dr. Mohamed Morsi.

The rule of law has vanished as a corrupted judicial arm proceeds to hand down death sentences by the hundreds after two-hour trials. The Anti-coup movement continues to protest even with the military/police marching onto university campuses and a concerted crackdown by the junta to wipe out the MB.

If Egypt, on the balls of its arse now propped up by the highest bidder[13] degenerates into a full-blown civil war, it is predicted the region – Middle East North Africa (MENA) will shortly unravel into splinters be a wildfire of implosions. Many contend the US Govt. is at the bulls-eye of the daily encompassing disasters reeling throughout the land by the Nile because of its allegiance to Israel and the desert princes (Sauds). Puppet of the junta, Abdel-Fattah ElSisi was trained and educated in America, at a military war college.



It is with a heaving heart and battered soul I submit this information. Sitting inside or velcro’d to the outside bubble of the American body politic arena, I learned a trio of acrimonious lessons:

            1) Stupidity is rampant;

            2) Herd mentality rules; and

            3) An overwhelming number of humans have neither balls nor ovaries powerful enough to standup to repression as acted out                 by authority. Like spent palms in a hurricane, folks bend over and take the subjugation rather than work in solidarity to over                 turn the chain-link of despicable events. There are exceptions. Yet, active movements of justice and freedom (Occupy,                           Robinhood Tax), at least in America, seep so far underground they disappear off the radar.

 (To Be Continued)
















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