Prototypes for the Next Root Race? Chapter Uno

For those who think i am perro paddling in the shallow end of the pool: What I did not list in the Macomber female obsessions (see above) is an incessant persistency to end injustice by discovering/inventing/recharging a brand new improved system of human body politic.

In this non-nirvana never utopia there are necessarily two mainline precepts: war is not the global economic engine fired by dirty oil or wind farms and greed is not the tightening noose around our necks, groins or chakras. It is not clear what specifics the next evolution of our species actualizes because I am hung-up upside down (The Fool in Tarot transmuting into the Hanged Man?) in a spiraling dizzy attempt to delineate how we fell from grace into such a pile of poop of our own making.

I would yelp if I found a sunny way to plug spiritual leaks we are eternally busy puncturing in the name of this nationalism and that sectarianism. As to how our species is to jumpstart itself from this Swiss-cheesed reality to one of equality, mutual respect, tolerance and joy the word love pops up like burnt toast. Hey, I am ‘an ole love child and love is not merely a salve for us to find each other’s souls and unite in the name of procreation.

Every religion and John Lennon tune teaches us love is the answer to end our self-mastered madness. What I question is, if this is so, how much longer Dear Lord? Recently, under a pittance of duress I decided to swish around inside the magical potion kettle of enlightenment (without slugging down any substance). What surfaced like rain bubbles on banana leaves is I can claim no such finalization known as enlightenment.

Surrender was not easy, yet, I accomplished same by seeing a future in techno hallucination that turned out to actually be life on life’s terms – once I removed the mood altering spittle from my eye lens. A crux or cross (another non-solution) in my world view is I am never fully convinced of anything human. I wholly holy am convinced by nature.

At this roll of the loaded dice, I can venture another raging unpopular supposition. Life is losing. I repeat life on Earth is losing because of human intrusions and the fusion of psychopaths with neurotics. Once glued to each other these two flames of fright proceed to convince the ignorant, the mentally lame, the sweet dumbos, and those living with no hope they possess the lantern (read #Egypt).


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