Some realize I deploy social media as a journal. Others, could care less yet never more. The following was a comment as regards an article so off the wall it created its own need to have a two by four taken to it. I am a pacifist by act and let words riddle the ugliness of our species. 

My comment: BE Macomber • 3 minutes ago
There are so many poor choices and usage of words in your English writing I am beginning to wonder if you need to not annoy us with any more articles until you employ a decent editor.

There is no free vote when a junta jails and condemns children, journalists, and those who are not operating within the same deep state. What is clear is El Sisi is an inarticulate weak individual who lacks a basic maturity within his personality and political tool kit to be as you put it, the next “ruler of Egypt”.

As to Sabahy, he too is a puppet in this masquerade. What you should be focusing on in your ‘reporting’ is the coming revolution where the Sawiris family, the corrupt military economics, and others at the trough are exiled from the land of the Nile.

The one sure bet being made by politico radicals and adept analysts is this election serves to ignite a civil war so overwhelming it tears MENA to shreds. For this disaster you can consider yourself a contributor to the debacle. Ethics and values are paramount as a core re-invention of Al-Monitor’s mission statement because there is nothing of late belying the pulse of the Middle East. Dribble and fluff is rampant propaganda. Investigative truths, not personal suppositions and inbred bias, is the basis for proper journalism.

Now, try again, to offer enlightenment by actually doing the footwork required to tell the whole story.

Where the ire began . . .


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