Stupidity is Multiplying like Flies on Camel Dung


This is why I cannot work for Reuters. The article below is typical of propaganda this so-called global news source disseminates. There is no full story about the politics of current #Egypt in this piece. Where is the mention of the 20,000 + Egyptians plus journalists and children in jail, corruption in the bread program and every other govt. project, death sentences for anyone who opposes the regime, the junta’s 24/7 campaign of fear to instill and “secure” its deep state, or the control of billions by the Sawiris family (Coptic) to co-op the revolutionaries?

The fact is despot El-Sisi was trained in America at tax-payers expense and serves his masters. He has never seen one day of military combat. His actual ‘vision’ for a new Egypt is to re-establish a meta-corporate driven govt. in charge as a geo-political slave state to benefit the few with no civil society human rights and freedoms, let alone justice for all under the rule of law.

Sisi has no vision of his own. He is a rotting puppet with a plethora of dirty oil desert prince strings tied to him who is reading an inarticulate script written by banal handlers. We hear/read the blabbering of a faux leader telling the people to accept austerity when in reality the poverty in Egypt is horrific and expansive. The police state and military run 40%+ of the economy at the expense of the people, the economy, the region, and tourism. Enterprising honest Egyptians cannot compete against project bids where the labor consists of lowly military personnel (grunts).

After covering political uprisings and three decades in American politics i can without one hint of hesitation define Sisi as a shallow ego-driven small souled handmaiden.

The failed attempt by Reuters to portray Sisi a pious man doing the “correct way of Islam for Egypt” is dung. What we need to know is Sisi’s platform for change outlining how Egyptians are going to crawl up and out of their demise, not more platitudes as further indicators he is the mouthpiece for the building of a fascist state.

Revolution in MENA is coming and this time it will not be limited to an Egyptian/Arab Spring. The more the powers push for exclusivity and eating the whole pie while the masses remain in dire straights the easier it is to organize a coup of the coup. This is what human history has shown for thousands of years. Sooner rather than later, the oppressed rise-up and overthrow the manipulators and liars.


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