Being the Teflon Dona

Earlier this evening I was told I am taking orders from London and I am irrelevant – meaning I work for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and no one reads me anyway. I do not work for the MB. As to my social media readership I started with zero, The core goal is not to engender marketing stats. I know something about marketing communications as I was a VP of Creative Services for JWT, one of the largest ad agencies on the planet. I left JWT because even with a 22nd floor corner office, the view was getting putrid and my soul was being speared to death, centimeter by centimeter.

The only orders I took was when I owned and operated our organic espresso cafe in Westhampton Beach, NY – Cafe HeBird SheBird. I am not good with orders and probably why I was a creative director in a field of endeavor few have a clue or a view.

Then, ImageI went free-lance. I paddled by kayak along and rafted up when projects were underway and fought with those above me to maintain integrity of creatives and their concepts. Some would whine and others would threaten or attempt put downs. I stood my ground as a professional not allowing personal stabs to my gut, side or back to bother me while acting like a shield to the sensitive ones on staff (practically everyone in creative). 

Earlier today, on Twitter I tweeted a short opinion of a blog about #Egypt. The blogger and a guy who has written a book on the Egyptian revolution personally slammed me in their tweets as someone with an IQ of 60. My response was to lay low and then launch tweets about professionalism and ethics in journalism. 

When people take an evaluation of their political ‘punditizing’ as a personal attack they suffer from a weak ego and lack necessary components to a basic human kindly foundation, at least this is my life experience. 

I use to tell people when I worked as a free-lancer in Manhattan I have been rejected by the best. Some folks get my left coast joke and others do not. It serves as its own evaluative sifter. 

The gist of this post is some people are so insecure they act out by projecting their fear onto another via personal attacks. Usually folks of this ilk lack serious reflective time doing the work of watchfulness bringing about honed maturity in deed and word. Sometimes being mood altered screws up their perceptions. 

Raising the bar of appropriate human conduct is not an assignment I seek. Persons who do not know me who fling out petty comments about the level of my IQ – well, it says far more about them, than it does me, BE.

My job is to shift and slog through what is out there, in a timely basis, to keep the pedal to the metal to offer a colorization and perspective original to my set of values. 

I am beyond grateful for role models and mentors who were spectacular human beings. Their sense of honor, innate acuity about life and problem solving quotient led me to believe human interaction no matter if in a love relationship or foreign policy follows identical tenants. And, I not talking about neo-con soaps of moralistic hyperbole. It goes back to what my mother taught me as regards the mettle of a person. Strength is based on right action, humility, compassion, and taking a stand against injustice and inequality. Not an edge or a pinpoint of inner resolve is gained by stepping on the back or toe of another living entity, and that includes Earth. 


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