Measly Manifesto Take 100

Repression of the freedom of speech is the tool of the oppressor. Coupled to its propaganda this ploy use to succeed. Today, social media finessed by citizen journalists is an upswell no empire can topple. We possess here the power of legitimacy. Facts are revealed by videos from citizens, professional photojournalists, and well honed documentaries. No military junta, be it the Republic of #Egypt or the US of Hillary, can carry forward their deep state agenda much longer. Why? We outnumber these elite. We are far more morally in tune and in depth by nature and focus. We are attuned to the rise-up power of the net. We are no longer techno fledglings. We have fashioned cyber wings. If you prefer to play hide and seek with meme, game apps, and food recipes then do us a favor, step out of our way. If you want to join a serious comprehensive global movement for peace and human rights then begin to inform yourself from qualified individuals by reading posts and blogs. Even following and sharing the magnificent work of photographers telling the story of suffering is a contribution. Some of us create music, art, poetry, gardens, and tolerance to push the cultural of peace forward. No person on Earth should accept the role of being a member of any military force, If you have someone in your family or circle of friends who is serving any regime, convince them to resign in the name of peace and then support them into re-entry.


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