Part Two – Synopsis of Screwing the Elite to Save Us from Us

A deep end of the pond feature newly offered will be definitions of human organized geo-political based madness. The inception conception is to build a vocabulary list to eventually create an evolved altruism by narrowing down what it is not. Kinda like reverse deductive humanistic psychology gone wholistically societal in contrast to hedonism and belly button gazing sacred circling. 

If you hear a series of low hisses, it is air escaping certain punctured prideful balloons. You may consider it an intervention via words and ideas. If your brain continues to engage itself in thoughtfulness and watchfulness without weekly obsessions with DMT brews, we may have a momentary LED lighted shot at bringing you into integrated socially adept reality. 

Here together, or at odds, we will seek an operating unified cosmic theory of harmonious human group behavior over a reactionary hiding place of getting stoned on Amazonian root every week, or more, to feed your id morphing into apathetic dullards. 

The primary mission is to prove the difference between knowing oneness as a childish twit at the center of an imagined me-universe, and actualizing oneness through right social action as sober life cycling the center of the universe. It may prove to annoy some of you, and if so, then this in itself is an indicator I may be on to something.

First word up = kleptocracy. 

Referring to Russia, Daniel Kimmage used the terms: “kerdocracy” (“rule based on the desire for material gain”) or “khrematisamenocracy” (“rule by those who transact business for their own profit”).

Pundit, author, Times editor, big deal Fareed Zakaria described Russia as a kleptocracy on a July 23, 2012 airing of The Daily Show.


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