We Are The Transformers

Dazed, gazed and praised.

The when of human global solidarity out paces geo-political dirty oil economics is the mountain I am hiking. What about you?

Obama is never going to sanction Usmanov or Milner (see prior posts). Putin is never going to say a snarky word about Russian jews because Milner is one. This foursome needs each other to sip tea in their ormolu parlors and pretend they rule us. The entire current western swing dance of sanctions by the United States of Hillary and Brussels is dumber than piddling into a hurricane gale and expecting drastic change in the railing weather system. 

If you learn nothing else about foreign policy by reading my posts, i hope this one concept sinks in = the chess game is rigged for them to manufacture wealth at the expense of Earth, and us. You know this intuitively, and you know I know. Plus, the basturds know exactly how far they can push the developing envelope until economic collapse. They own and operate the projection models we are never privy to unless working as the higher slave echelon.

H/w is why the current Earthbound ‘civilization’ is falling faster and faster into an abyss. Social media, as Milner prophetizes (see my prior FB post), is the incubator for a global human consciousness intelligence. What these small souled ‘leadership’ suits are doing is profiteering on the expansion of human understanding via the world wide web. Their virtual monetary stockpiling will rise until a tipping point is reached – when you and I and our connections no longer desire to be the soldiers in their empire. 

Wars fought now are to maintain layers of disorder amongst us almost civil society tolerable so the majority go to work, do our duty, and consume what is market fed us. Alibaba (25% owned by Yahoo) is an ultimate Internet managed global supply chain of more is never enough from cement deals to LED units for Nilo. Dirty oil is the engine. China the plastic crap-maker. Ukraine is the number four arms dealer in the world. If you do know the top three try a four second long analysis centered in current events. All are in bed with each at an orgy of magical thinking.

It is blatantly obvious to folks with an awareness IQ of 120 the intricate shadowy pathway the empire has slated us for is operating at species-destructo speed and is in fact – measurably finite. The majority of the 7 billion humans on Earth are stuck on their daily survival treadmills. If just enough paranoia/fear/chaos is festered, if enough civil disorder kills hope with narcissistic hate mongering despots let loose, if enough madness of suffering is pitted through religiosity and turf wars are stirred (Egypt, Syria, VZ, Ukraine, Thailand, and so forth) then the empire fattens its coffers at our expense. 

Those of us with university degrees or hard knocks histories and/or world experience beyond our neighborhood balkan thinking see the Amazonian rainforest from the Shell Oil sludge. Via literature or real life, along with shamans of human rights and common sense many portend our future. The empire (fattened idol worshippers of gold) is so far up its arse sitting on its mighty fluff pedestal it contends it is nearly unreachable. Yet, the elite’s soft underbelly is bloated and vulnerable. If not so, then how can I continue to use its own media channel to send up micro smoke signals, or for you to do the same? 

While the elite make billions via nano second cyber-transactions, you and I establish our army of informed netizens. Each in our way are amassing treasure chests of exchanges and significant concepts for living a free to be life. Yes, the factions within us are panoramic from conspiratorial alien believers to geo-terra changers to kitty kat posters. Yet, amongst our families of like-minded individuals circling their wagons around alluring interests is a core understanding deeper than the hidden caves of the Grand Canyon. 

We offer each other advice on how to eat, how to live, how to use the technology, how to build a sustainable world, how to learn how wondrous is Earth, how beauty absolutely costs nothing, how art is soul food, how mandalas are portals, how music is our muse, and so forth, plus, most importantly how love is universal knowing no borders and no intolerance. 

The greatest and largest support system on Earth is right here, as i keyboard this report. These links, and far more, make up the non-monetary poetry of life no elite mogul can control or make a dime on. The elite consider what we do here in cyber space as ephemeral. They consider us superfluous except as marketing data and graphics stats on their next prospectus. They thing us. They are personifications of ignoramus believing in a false god instructing them through their innate fear. Yep, I have zero respect for those who abuse our species and Earth. Nada. Zip. 

Hey, the smartest and bravest people in Earthbound digital space is you and me. We dabble our days away sharing who we are moment by moment because of a basic human need – to communicate, to connect, and to be one. Knowledge is the true power. When academia and media pre-millennium yammered about the dawn of the information age they had no idea how relevant Google, Wikipedia, and now Wikileaks, would become to the masses, not just NASA or the NSA. 

Empowering evil is not my thing. Nature teaches evil is a man-manufactured compartment. There is no evil in nature because there no judgments are made. Life and death is what it is. The solution to ending the elite’s hell-bent industrial demise of humanity (us), at the most barefoot level, is for us to continue to stand up for life. If you think for one moment a Putin, an Obama, a Milner, or a Dalai Lama are large enough to change the course of ridiculous cartels fighting over who gets to park their nuke sub here or there, stick around on the net. 

What is amassing here on Fedbook, now one billion strong and counting, is something never experienced on Earth by our species – living 28/9 borderless, globally. The more we connect, the more we see how uniquely alike we are no matter what language we speak, or what country our passports are issued from we identify the components to the empire’s con game. 

Once the reality sea change is understood, you make the choice. You have taken a chunk out of the apple and what you do with the knowledge is your independent free thinking choice. 

My goal is exactly what Rich McGlinchey (PR/PI for Sonoma County Govt.) taught me in 1974. If one beats the drum of truth long enough and consistently, they begin to hear it over the din of too much worthless info. I see myself as the anti-media non-selfie media. Not an alternative, as such a stance only empowers the purveyors of bull corn. Here, outside the regular realm, on my veranda in Costa Rica, a perspective is daily decalcified and then re-cultured. 

Being alone in a very simple existence, with no partner, has its pro and con side effects, yet the space provided to accelerate one’s soapbox is exactly (read apparently) where I am suppose to be at this late date. 

Globalization, as a too dear Egyptian friend some two years ago FB chatted, is the intelligent transformer for humanity. At the time i thought he meant global marketing of supplies and services. Today, I realize he meant globalization as the singular saving grace for our species.Image


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