Smart Phone App for Peace?

One more tear in the ocean of no peace – No smart phone app for this, yet.

In answer to a query earlier today: Yes, every icon petard I post (see below) from birds to ancient art and contemporary graphics to lists of make believe political parties in #Egypt has meaning deeper than its honeymoon consideration. 

I am not a K-Mart blue light special blinking and blinging wisdom. Even those absorbed and infatuated with kitty kat photos are delivering a message of neo-import if one is willing to view the world through aging eyes. Be kind, allow me an admission you will not throw up in my mug at a later date – my energy axis is bent by a non-working thyroid melted down by nukes (and Owsley outlaw laboratories) providing an upside refraction (read not reflection) few understand or seek. Here take this bite of my apple. I am a small jungle tree on a wind swept slope. My fruit is in the shape of wings.

We each have our specific presence in civilization’s (your word Sherif El-Hakim, not mine) comedic drama. I prefer to stand near those with a humor bone and a creative light burning away deception, stupidity, and the suffering of others. Folks on my bucket list are those who intrinsically possess what my mother labeled, mettle. 

My teeth gnash away tearing through what is happening to help build an ark of awareness. Why? Dunno. Except for a preferred selection of our species, my general regard for fellow humans is lower than Exxon drilling off the west coast of Africa.

I hold nada counsel with the yogi, those who think killing yourself using smack makes you a cosmic wunderkind (thinking Alan Watts here) to dote on, or a cyber list serv of wannabes longer than various fake political parties of #Egypt or the two-headed monster ruling America. 

I am a humble scribe beamed in from a temple so long ago it apparently has no GPS coordinates. Birds are my teachers. Love is effusive and too illiterate unless it arrives in music or art or poetry or literature or cinema or faith or nature. My refuge in the rainforest is ideal. Golden war machines and fat greedy egos are better Swiss cheesed with words from a cyber-ized persona hiding under a remote canopy Google Earth has not uploaded since 2001. 

The total wormy pucks sitting in the hallows of injustices will never surrender to their insanity and stop war. Trust me on this one. We can post gorgeous pictures and conspiracy watches and pathways to the Buddha up our ying yangs in social media. It will be nothing but self-absorbed dribble to push off impending global madness. 

What must happen (again trust me on this one). If we actually seek to honor ourselves and Earth with enough mettle (there is that word again), to prefer peace and brotherhood and sisterhood and babyhood and animalhood and livinghood and planethood, the fix is easy. Stop picking up war machines and donning camo slavery duds. Simply walk away from the killing fields (including day trading) by going AWOL as the world army for the arseholes.

Social liberals go on inside way too many intellectual and social engineering venues about the holy significance of empowerment. How stakeholders need to empower themselves to accomplish their goals of justice, freedom and bread. I am veteran of these wars. So far, no go. The sea change is not happening. (See #Egypt, #Syria#Iraq#Detroit#Ukraine#Sudan, and so forth).

Without one single Peru vine vision, or prophetic pinch of my left butt cheek, I offer the opposite. Stop empowering the system of the status quo murderers. Ignore them by boycotting their products, their attitudes, their lies, their wars, their politics, their infestations, their media, their linkage to your brain, your hearts, and your shriveling pocketbooks. 

Reach across the micro-divide of the meta-matrix and become friends with persons who do not speak your language without acting out some asinine agenda. Emotionally and spiritually we are are the same helix. The miracle of the Internet is ours, not the jerks at the NSA or CIA.

If you want to believe in the divine pattern, okey dokey, yet for Earth’s and humankind’s precious sake, do not try and foist your religiosity on anyone. Be your own shaman. Pray your heart out but do not wage war against anyone who is not of your faith’s ilk, Follow the universal creed of the golden rule. Inside this universal genie of human compassion is the code to survival and redemption. 

In the meantime create smart phone apps for peace, for Occupy, for participatory democracy, for human rights, for love, for kindness, for paying it forward, for boycotting the war mongers, for incoming drones, for emergency medical assistance, for whistleblowing, for Earth watching, for life giving, for the oceans, for architecture, art, crafts, and music, for ancient wisdoms, and so forth, and for God, if this is your calling. 

The revolution is this simple. Trust me on this one. Your grand children and great grand children will be actualized in a peaceable kingdom where war no longer exists. 

Lay down your prejudice, your insecurities, your fears, your arms and turn away from the insanity of the nut job deviants who would sacrifice us, themselves, and Earth to meet their quarterly profit margin. Come on, you know who said this first (hint: give me your bla bla). I am rewriting it in reverse in contemporary vernacular in my normal whimper.

You wanna know what’s up with me Doc? I am a sappy ole fashioned American who believes in this:

Tick tock. Tick tock.


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