War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things

One more bang on the drum, war is the world economy. Putin needs it. Obama needs it. One can continue listing other powers-that-be in order of Gross National bull corn.

As complicated, convoluted, entrenched, and slithering as the planetary stage of human activity appears I hold to one basic premise. Simply, with not much wavering, here it is: For the sand castle makers, war is the world economy. Their idea about globalization is moving war machines faster and more adroitly. Without conflict, disorder, civil society sufferings, and empire oppression the money changers have no virtual ballpark.

Stop the merry-go-around and get off. Enough of us with consciousness and hearts can disembark from USS Greed sinking the basturds in the channel of arrogance.

We have a peep hole appearing for participatory democracy to sprout and grow. If you are one of those intense slave soldiers safeguarding your family and lifestyle on a quasi-level keel take three days off from the tread mill. Find yourself a space and place alone with nature. Seriously, consider what your actual legacy is morphing into.

Enlightenment arrives not in its own time – rather when we decide in favor of a future for humankind where compassion and tolerance replace stupidity and hatred.

I am telling you, it is that simple to change the twisted madness of our species. Image


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