Latest Macomber Manifesto – Opus #?

Photo: One of my favorite pastimes. The person is not me. Montauk Pt. New York.Image

A kinky portion to our feathery broadcast has manifested in the Nilo light. Instead of my regular cheap shot analysis of one more backchannel this post I am telling you what too many decades in the political arena burned into my third eye:

1) There is no existing socio political economic system on Earth worth much more than a plate of Siamese cat turds. These not-working matters of social organization stretch out across a continuum of failures from a historical fantasy like Marxism to the drill baby drill, drone on of the United States of Hillary. We need a borderless sparkling civil society paradigm for our lame species and for Pachamama’s sake – and fast.

2) Unless we practice principles above personalities, social media (and life) is tar baby whining. 

3) Freedom is given. For Buddha’s sake never ask me why not. 

4) My agenda is straightforward. Its bleeps along with no planning, no marketing, and no subservience. Plus, I do not need to wheel out cupcakes at bake sales or used crap on E-crave. I served my time. No, I will not send you money. Being barely solvent is not a negative. It is freeing. I am a few degrees above there. I am a land owner in a social democracy where legally anyone can come onto this finca and claim some portion of it as there own if they daily live on it for ten years, and I am not here. Being free and clear is not an ad for a fancy arse line of cosmetics. I live in a jungle by the ocean in paradise as long as you are not in a hurry to get anything fixed. 

5) Writing is how I make it through 28/9. Without concepts, research, communications, phrases, words, politics, and birds I become invisible. 

6) Birds are my teachers and some other stuff.

7) Suspended under The Hubble watching the hands of our human mistakes tick tock toward oblivion does not mean I am a fatalist, a conspiratorial guru, a mandala sculptor, or i have thrown in the towel. Being here in SM (social media) proves I am carrying a petard. It says, GET IT?. 

8) I believe in God yet know not a clue exactly who or what or where God is, was, or will be. This is called faith. Oneness is its recipe. 

9) As a jungle hermit nature is the path set in right action. I believe in all religions, and none. 

10) If you are rankled, or say to yourself, Oh now I see, I must be doing something right-on. 

11) Take what you want and leave the rest. Contribute or not, just keep it tolerable. 

12) Egypt is where my mystic nut gut is. My heart is none of your business. 

13) There are several enlightened individuals in my friends and followers list (, Twitter and Facebook) who are worthy of the short description – gentle, brilliant, actual human being. I implore you to join ranks with these free-thinkers. 

14) As societal and soul alienation becomes the reality, the antithesis is social media. Lets not f**k it up. We are only as significant and wondrous as our lowest common denominator. 

In Service, 
BE Macomber 
Lady of the Waves, Birder, and Goof-Monster.


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