Transversing the Body Politic of Clowns

This is a back room, back channel attempt at what (see far below)? The so-called kiddy pool analysis in the piece offers nothing fresh for an eroding imploding horizon known as Egypt.

Do the Brits have the next Lawrence of Arabia in the blocks? Are they expecting to keep up this London misty crap to get better prices from OPEC? Is this another sign the western powers are hoisting their next orchestrated falsetto flag? I read this and there is no rethinking – this is pro forma in the Brits buddy holding with the US gubberstand, and vice a versa.

Next: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi supports the Bush/Obama NSA spying program called PRISM. On June 22, 2013 she was booed at Netroots Nation for saying Edward Snowden was a criminal.

She is the only woman to serve as the House Speaker and to date is the highest-ranking female politician in American history.

I worked with Ms. Pelosi when we published The California Democrat in the late 70s. She called me one day to scream (I was managing editor) the guys doing the solicitation for funds (display ads) should be called (and I quote exactly), “Scum-bag, Inc.”

Needless to say, I then began to pay closer attention to the way Fannie Nannie (my irreverent handle for her) moved around the arena. She used her butt and and her bodice to attract and lure political mentors. Like the Catholic school girl who never grew up sexually she proceeded to tease her way to Washington. There are reports this roadway was paved with more than teasing. I decided to give Pelosi a pass because at the time I thought any woman in politics was better than none. I now rescind my young woman stupidity.

While Pelosi is always on the PR side of her district, I think a well healed progressive could beat her.

Next: Cindy Sheehan missed her shot. In my professional estimation, Ms. Sheehan needs smarty pants advisors who can explain to her the value of presenting a far more articulate public image and working progressive philosophy backed by adept white papers.

Sheehan needs to dump her ranch mommy backyard act and bring forward intelligent calls to action both doable and bankable to raise funds to finance a poignant campaign.

Crowdfunding for a politician is how Howard Dean went up the totem pool of grassroots fundraising. Sheehan has yet to tap this platform with any inspiring strategy. Independents by nature are not consensus builders and usually not especially brilliant. This is okay if one surrounds yourself with more than hoola hoop photo ops and hoke-isms (see Sheeham’s FB page).

If Sheehan has a burning desire about moving beyond her current piddle media non-status, where she is barely listened to except by a band of devotees with no money, she needs to seek advice on how to disseminate her passion and how to plan and implement for an adroit public service.

An analysis of her personal reading of the arena matched to an input of soothsayers and highly insightful policy makers who get her concepts must teach Sheeham how to speak as a stateswoman not just someone who annoyed President Bush and made effective anti-war copy points (she subsequently abandoned?).

Shifting away from homespun is not necessary. Yet, Sheehan’s delivery system has to be Mark Twain, rather than Ma Clampett. I  follow Ms. Sheehan on FB. I find her act frustrating and embarrassing.

Sheehan lives in Vacaville, California, and I wonder why. The area is outside Pelosi’s district, but there are no residency requirements for congressional members, according to the California secretary of state’s office. Reminds me of when one of the greatest Manhattan illustrators, Frank Frazetta, moved to podunksville, PA and expected to continue being top brush. Frazetta and his wife ran a costume shop near their 67-acre farm/museum in the Poconos to make ends meet.

If you want to be in the big leagues you have to be under the brightest lights, not flitting around in the outskirts in a farm house.

Any one successfully advising within any arena will instruct a candidate to stay the course for one seat they can win by building a body of followers and media awareness from election to election. Dumb as it sounds, eventually one will succeed. Pick three significant issues and beat the drum about same incessantly because the American voting public (even in over-educated hipster San Francisco) is more involved with Netflix renditions of politics (#House of Cards) than the real stuff.

How we gecko-hopped from UK policy about #Egypt to the highest ranking woman in American politics to Cindy Sheehan is not a handful of balloons held by a street artist working Pier 38 in San Francisco. It is a short history how no matter what arena – if centered in California, Washington, DC, London, or Cairo – politics is currently controlled by clowns from the same circus.

What our world needs are MLKs and Gandhi-like leaders in corduroy pants, silk skirts, or hand woven burkas backed by savvy support people. Advisors who instantly and intuitively read the body politic based on intrinsic ethics are worth attracting and if necessary employing. These get-it-done folks carry handy andy toolboxes of how to go from current events stupidity to actualizing the greater good for humankind.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Yea, for a clever barter, I could be available as long as it is understood I have zip interest in self service (yours or mine) and hanging around with dunderheads (yours).

Nancy Pelosi’s voting record as US Congresswoman –


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