Lament Number 800 Billion

ImageOkay, lets look at a laundry list and do some airing of the stinking schtick. What I offer at my teenie weanie Fedbook timeline duplicated here on my blog is a peak at my personal journaling for my writing. If it is too provocative, or emotionally/spiritually counter-productive for you, or perceived as a personal attack then no one is plucking your wings. Freedom rings without any shackles or muzzles. I am no longer working for HBO or JWT. I am a free-lancer who picks and choses carefully where I expend my eroding zaps of energy. Yet, what appears here is quasi-pure intuitive response from my end of the soup cans and golden thread. My white flag agenda is not complicated nor is it particularly insightful. The few whose brilliant kindly hearts I connect with are soul connections in a sea of bling possibilities. They are God sent as infinite mercy and love (this I learned by bouncing through life slamming into too much caca and today I was gratefully reminded about God’s mercy and love by a wise friend). Yea, I prefer to bask and tan in the divine mystery. Ya don’t like what I yap about, then go build your own Ark in whatever social media is your particular ocean of treasures. I started with me, alone. Now there are 106 followers and 775 friends (not in 2 by 2s), as of today a migrating 12+ who regularly hover here and identify themselves, and this is only on Fedbook. If you expect me to cow-tow to your particular light bent via some universal rainbow – not gonna happen. I am not easily swayed or lower spectrum penetrated. What is here hopefully is information you are not receiving via ‘normal’ channels. If I once again became main stream piddle I probably would take Desdemona’s rocket ship to another exo-planet, far far way in another spinning galaxy. An e=mc2 human life is three weeks in endurance and duration. My updated mission is to rediscover my sense of humor, faster and mo’ better. When one decides to actively research, read, review, think, cogitate, discern, and disseminate for those who prefer to be force fed bull dung the task is probably masochistic for both parties. If the brain drain is beyond your proclivities maybe humbly do what I do, keep reading. Osmosis education in 140 characters is groovy for tweets and content farms yet our species use to look up toward the mountain top as a reason to be and become. My speciality is undefinable on purpose. The gripping grift of my over achiever’s life is having the time now to sit here with a MacBook and keyboard the river’s flow between my two ears while surging purging around in an energy aura. I never in my life would expect this magnificence to present itself. I moved to CR because I had had enough of the consumer non-society and because of the birds. What challenges me is here I sit on my tuffet amazed. Today’s gratitude = my mind is in a forward gear, my spirit enveloped, my friends dear and not near are present, and fresh air, tasty food, and awe inspiring beauty is given to me, a nature freak, with no attachments or falsehoods. Love of life is a blessing I wish upon every single living entity on Earth, including Earth. You only get what you give away. We maybe gaining on the crap we do to ourselves. GMO is out in the open. Drill baby drill is out in the open. There are meta-reams of info here on FB, Twitter, youtube, and beyond in cyberspace. What I choose to do with this technology is to hailstorm peel an apple and slice it into eatable chunks. You don’t want it in your daily salad no skin off my knees as I crawl around turning over mossy rocks. To my muses, a million thanks. To those who prefer to pretend everything is swell under a not-yet-nova sun, catch a f*cking grip. Over, and not out.


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