Camels Stand Idle

Chastising Egyptians for the current debacle is circulating faster than piddle flushing down a toilet. What is not surfacing are solutions and a plan to put democracy back on track by the Egyptian intelligentsia currently in retreat outside the land of the Nile. My revolutionary peace perspective has some play here and while I worked inside a revolution to stop the war in Vietnam these experiences do not jive with a re-invention of the Arab Spring. Egyptians have to get their act together on their own if they want to not slide further into one more flagellating country inside MENA.Quasi-friends with Egyptian tourism businesses confirm there isn’t any. The gigantic economics of foreign folks coming to pay homage to the ancient culture has disappeared loaded into the bullets ripping apart the bodies of young martyrs.

First, most of the citizens of this desert river country are in an undulating state of psychological bi-polarism. Voting al-Sisi as president will insure two distinct realities for Egyptians: 1) continual civil disorder; and 2) a return to the yoke years. Second, there is enough brain, heart, and spiritual power in Egyptians thinkers to build bridges and construct connectivity to thwart the latest deep state. How? Civil disobedience, a targeted educational campaign (do not read as propaganda), and a design/plan to implement and organize to run and elect smarty pants and smarty burkas with hearts as elected representatives. A multitude of harangues and a seething umbrella of sticky dissonance plays into the hands of the Junta. Stop already.

I personally do not agree with Cohen (see article below) about America disengaging in Egypt. Hagel al-Sisi is not an imagery puppet of the deep state. This power figure is for real, alive and well serving as slave soldier in abeyance to liberty while greedy 19th century thinking basturds who believe conquering nature is actually possible divvy up the rich resources of Egypt.


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