From One Rant to the Next – You go girl, Alice Walker

I would like to say one thing to you, and more. Creatives pick their battles and stick to it. Alice Walker remains a beacon in the comatose landscape of America. You need to understand she is talking about the Israel govt. and the people of Israel having no consciousness regarding the children of Gaza who live in filth. These innocents are the victims of what Israel is doing to oppress and subjugate all who stand in the way of its settlements. As to boycotting human rights in China, Russia and so forth? What about the human rights being violated in NYC? Turning a blind eye to brutality is a decision prompted by dumbing numbing down a civil society. Peace can never be if people continue in their heart boggling attempts to kill each other, destroy Earth, and spread hatred. Egypt is a perfect example of the Sheeple being led like cattle down a bloody path of mis-information, mis-understanding, Image

and blatant destruction of a movement to bring about democracy. Those who now yelp and post here (on my FB page) when I provide a pro-Morsi, pro democracy, anti-coup, pro human justice, pro sustainable economics, pro life comment or graphic are men (never seems to be a woman) are living lies, corruption, and total disregard for the rights of freedoms. Their ignorance is only usurped by their own personal shallowness.  No human being of true intelligence practicing faith in a greater good would ever want Egypt to be under the boot of a despot. The Arab Spring (see the graphic for the movie) was about Egyptians who stood up and said no more to a 30-year reign of horrors known as Hosni Mubarak. No amount of bull corn is going to sell me the concept al-Sisi, a trained military dictator, is any better than Mubarak. The burning of churches is being done by the thugs of Mubarak. The destruction of cemeteries is being done by the thugs of Mubarak. Mubarak and al-Sisi drink from the same tea glass. The arrest of qualified journalists and citizen journalists is a means to end any venue for the freedom of the press to report the facts. And, the abuse of the Muslim Brotherhood as the 100% boogie man is exactly what was done to Native Americans, The Black Panther Party, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and every freedom fighter on Earth. The we-shall-overcome call from the mucky abyss is not going to go away. The Internet serves the people. I am positive Zukerbergville never had one inkling what was put in motion by fashioning Fedbook and the other social media like Google YouLube. We can stand up and say no more to hatred of life or we can roll over and let our inhumane history plough us into the sodden fields of distrust and weak egos. I, for one, prefer the sunlight to the shadows, and while I have no problem getting my self covered in Earth’s mud I refuse to let the ignorant go forward with their crapola. End of this rant.


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