Checking the List More than Twice

Lately, I am making a list who is naughty and nice. Not for Santa but for the good of life lived in freedom with compassion. What is becoming clearer is there are a constant growing number of gentle smarty pants people willing to stand up for justice, freedom and bread. Those who are the whores and bitches of war mongers and mega-national corporations scream and point terrorist terrorist at pro-Morsi supporters, the MB, and me, and my friends. I have one question for you mouthpieces wearing a yoke, and one question only. Here it goes? Who is paying your freight? 

No one pays me to be pro, con, or indifferent. I speak from my researched knowledge filtered through the heart of an activist who never gives in and never gives up on the quest for peace and a Bill of Rights for everybody including Earth itself. 

What is interesting is when you push the button on an immature who falsely think they are in the power seat (remember I am both trained psychologist and journalist) what spits back at you is what appears to be an abused child disguised as an educated adult. I follow people’s comments for a long time. I do not casually offer opinions. I am a cynic by nature as regards humanity and frankly I am not all that crazy about my own species. 

Lately, when I ask poignant questions of the so-called paid working non-alternative media reporting on Egypt, or Gaza what comes to light is how truly disconnected these people are. They act like androids and even their answers to my inquiries are identical as if scripted by a machine. Their other constant failed defense is to become emotional like a trapped five year old in a blatant lie. 

I am not going to name names here but if you want I could publish these in-context snippets. 

Seeing the jungle for the banana on the road takes a certain level of perspective. I have been wrong in the past demanding I re-track and re-evaluate sources and the footpath I chose to the top of the mountain. 

Someone I value immensely, as this person is a thinking individual, a creative, a freedom fighter, a compassionate, said in shortened words I am confident. Confidence is not generated by a fat ego or an actualized id. It germinates in self-discovery and sitting on a hot seat of one’s own making. I take no credit for having any answers to the big questions our species is overwrought with the last thousands of years. 

I am in actuality a simple woman who seeks creative freedom centered within a sense of wonder and fun, for all. My goal is simple – let life live in peace.

The social economic systems we have put into place no longer work except for the elite and it makes no sense to incorporate these paradigms into the next human software update. The systems some purport, yet are not particularly successful, are also not such hot solutions, otherwise they would be up and running. 

Everyday I consider what our species can foster to become what we are meant to be. Yet, I must be honest, it ain’t looking good for Homo sapiens. 

What I do find on Fedbook, and my blog, are fellow travelers who are paddling their kayaks up the river, too. Each of us needs support and people in our armada as we float like a butterfly and sting like a bee (Mohammed Ali quote). I am impressed regularly how we reach out to each through social media. How we gather together in groups of like-kinds. How we seek answers not force fed to our hearts, or our brains. How we each know something needs to shake our species right to its very roots to bring about a massive re-ordering of how we conduct ourselves with each other. How we so easily share what we discover. 

Communication is based on shared experiences. The Internet, in it ceaseless march toward globalization, is not only a matrix, or storage place for our knowledge and wisdoms, it is the first global tool to cross every single boundary and cultural fence our species has erected. 

I never was a wordy bomb thrower to make noise. Writing is my therapy. Writing, if practiced, becomes a finery to express almost everything except the highest forms of enlightenment, then articulation fails, as it should. I believe this is why we are fortunate to make art, to build holy places, and to commune with nature. Poets arrive to save the day. Sacred texts flow to underpin our wobbling spirits.

In the past (and now) I caution you to buckle up as the next part of the voyage is heading for rough waters not unlike where one ocean meets another. Even as we go about building food forests, fashioning communities of permaculture, establishing portfolios of photography and imagery and saving to the cloud art, understandings, and passions, the primitive around us sharpen their spears.

What is presented here in cyber-ville is a sparkling fresh opportunity to override the existing repressive human social operating systems.

Every single time we make a friend, chat with a new one, pass along a post no matter here, or on Youtube, or Twitter, or Yahoo or wherever we are in social media – we are contributing to the evolving paradigm. The traditions we grew up with and the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis are changing as we reach across the grid and shake hands with people sited all over the world. 

This probably sounds pollyanna to some and the antithesis to others. In the final analysis, our species has the power, the intelligence, the heart to excel and become a higher consciousness where peace reigns, science melds with art and vice a versa, and life is fulfilled and protected as a higher power intends.

Signs are happening if we can lower our shields and pay attention. Those stuck and sucked in my their own failing egos and fears will not notice one damn thing of consequence. Ignorance is bliss We have a saying in the 12th step fellowship, step over the dead bodies. Sounds cruel, yet this is necessary if we are to carry forth the mission of liberation and peace. To try and convince a pig to sing is a waste of time and annoys the pig (an Arthurism), and this is what I mean by stepping over the dead bodies, not literally, yet move on to more fertile fields.

We have one paramount task, the protection of the freedom of the Internet. As threatening as truth is the ability for it to go viral requires our solidarity with each other to insure it does.

One World. One voice.

Bob Marley – One Love
One love, One heart Let’s get together and feel all right Hear the children crying (One Love) Hear the children crying (One Heart) Sayin’ give thanks and pra…
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