Angel Humans and Being In Sober Love

Finding Balance in Love, or not.

Depending on one’s depth and dimensions this knack (see below) can be a sloshing curse or an infinite blessing. Being an active empathetic requires a honed ability to detach from much of what one resonates while letting go dissonance. Our species is in twisted transition and consequently colicky confusion and stinky fear clogs up pathways to oneness as a living paradigm of consciousness. The trick is to freely open your human heart, lower your shields (all of ’em}, and let our innate love of love ping bong back and forth – heart to heart – building joy while fostering what I label a mutual healing highway. 

Eye locks serve as a healthy conduit since our souls are lighted through these physical orbs. People who are naturally empathetic yet guarded sense an intrusion of someone who is able to ‘read’ them and depending on their trust level (self-esteem) or a learned deployment of shyness (a defensive mechanism) they shut down all or part. An encounter with a human angel fully expands compassions bathed by an exchange of forgiveness based on truth and love. Opening up to the universal heart is sharing from our cores, relaxing in the wake of gentleness, and understanding each of us suffers unless we extend our heart’s magic to one another. 

Gandhi was the power of example. Our task is to never give up and never give in while constantly manifesting kindness as awareness grows and spreads out within our collective consciousness of love, no matter how rainbow glowing the environ or pithy lightless in the shadows. It takes a braveheart to ride the waves of impinged ugliness without succumbing to it. The intellect is an annoying tool capable of convincing itself emotive empathy is maya. I settle my brain into serenity via meditation and becoming one with nature. 

Our bodies betray our hearts as does our conversations. Listening and non-judgmental observation are far more than actively hearing another. It is going deeper and connecting to the energy of love and acceptance as our auras operate within intersecting spheres. If you doubt me, try this experiment = reach out to someone you have an affinity to emanating a message from your heart center to their heart center by telling the brain to take a hike. If you sense an energetic warmth through your body (use your eyes or touch if necessary) and a stillness at your center then it is simple to weave eternal golden threads of connectivity. Once accepted by the other, either by overt consciousness recognition (speaking out with love and affirmation), or via pure intuitiveness (like a child) the threads are never broken, from lifetime to lifetime, no matter how hardened the mind and confluent the discontent one can return again and again to this woven wellspring to nurture and nourish. If you are rejected by another immediately comprehend this one-sided faux disconnect says far more about them than you.

Yes, peace will not surround our species until we put down our multitude of weapons including the psychological devices we deploy to hide from ourselves, ignore nature’s incessant callings, and not see the glorious wonder of being one with another human, and/or knowing a higher power’s realization (if you so believe in same). 

Being in love with life, being in love with nature, being in love with ourselves, being in love with beauty, being in love with another are happy intensities given to our ailing puny species to actualize our unique purpose for our singular and communal existence. Music, art, poetry, writing, community wellness projects, and more are generous advertisements direct from the universal heart to remind you and me how precious is it to be a loving human being who gives not to get, rather gives to share. 

To be miserly with one’s affections is an energy sabotage overtly contrary to the truth of paying it forward. Patience inside kindness is a love abundance the empire seeks to destroy with mass instilled fear, organized paranoia, and the slavery consumerism of more is never enough. We, you and me, at times are the subterraneans flying straight into the chaos like bugs hitting a traveling vehicle’s windshield at high speed. Yet, we have nothing to fear. By non-violence surrendering while sending out love we become the activators (or as a friend calls himself, a catalyst of linkage) we unite as a vibrant enigma the empire has zero capacitance to manipulate.

Balance for an empathetic requires humble ego-less ancient wisdom, a well-beaded medicine bag of inclusive smiles even if toothless, and perennial faith in the act of going with the flow. Is is my experience no matter how intricate and well-conceived my projects and creative plans are envisioned what actually is eventually fashioned (never in my programmed time frame) is way way beyond my original imaginations if I honor mystery, space, and time for the jelling of concepts.

I prefer to be in tune with the blooming influence of nature’s pageant and spontaneous happenings alongside humans who emanate wholistic intelligence, love, joy, and humor. Yet, when caught behind enemy lines (in the midst of sad, lonely, displaced, or fearful people (read fear as a mask for anger) my style is to push out love toward the person who is checking out my groceries, or the homeless guy at the intersection panhandling for spare change (which I give), or cooking an organic meal for someone who deserves to move beyond platonic friendships to the freedom of unbridled love between a man and a woman. 

Romantic, you bleep? Yep, and I have no problemo siding with those willing to throw caution into the blustering sunset winds and leap into jasmine infused unchartered waters making spirals and splashes. The worse possible scenario is I end up flattened onto the highway of life (once again) and you guys help me get back up first on my bruised knees, and then eventually standing straight watching the sunrise in the East while holding hands in a circle of light, as a brand new day arrives. 

Today’s gratitude for November 13, 2013 – you.

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