Nationalism is Primitive*

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I question how our species finds it so necessary to operate inside geo-political boundaries ensconced in political cultural traps waving flags and being caught up in nationalism. My sensibility is until our ailing species releases itself from these artificialities fashioned to foster fear and oppression we are an unfree lot. Wars over turf are so primitive from a species capable of traveling into space I cannot begin to understand the dichotomy. 

If insects can fly in mass to a destiny our species does not know, is this not the mystery lesson? Barriers are devised by the human empire to foster control of the human population. 

Probably not in my lifetime, but maybe in yours, acceptance of the universal heart will become seated inside the unhallow spaces of the political arena in every human encampment on Earth? The willingness to know we are one species on a precious spinning orb whose species-bent-doom is suspended in a waiting cue of its own making, unless we lower our shields. 

Country defenses, personal defenses, continental defenses, corporate defenses, and the so forth of being defensive feeds the crawling monkey on the gold ring of fear. A society stuck in the mire of living for security measures (note: 30% of the American economy is currently held in demesne** within this bailiwick) is a culture neither moving forward nor organically transforming into a peaceful and pay it forward society of kindness and tolerance.

We either grow-up and put away our war machines, sectarianisms, and greedy desire to get over on each other or we continue to exist in a Homo sapiens nightmare of constant suffering. 

The flag I fly here at the finca is a whole Earth image on a dark blue spacious background. When I lived in America, I received two criminal summons from the Village of Westhampton Beach, Inc. for putting out four flags from the apartment’s veranda over the espresso cafe. We owned the building and the cafe. One was the whole earth flag, one was a traditional all yellow with snake icon Don’t Tread on Me flag (from the American Revolutionary War), one was a stars and stripes style flag with a peace symbol for the stars and the other the flag of my birth country. This last flag was given to me when a great friend died and the Marine Corps honor guard attended his internment because he was a war hero. In a ceremony known by every living American who has lost a loved one to war the flag is folded corner to corner. I flew this symbol of the United States of America to honor my friend who believed he protected his fellow Americans from insurgents.

After my second summons to appear in the local court for flying flags without a permit (my attorney went alone fearing I would act out in front of the judge) I decided such govt. oppressive madness was another valid reason to take the exit sign to the jungle. 

Watching and feeling the freedom of a massive movement of flying dragonflies and damselflies my heart yearns for the stupidity of our kind to learn the lesson these insects teach.

There are no artificial boundaries or false flag insanity in nature. Human contrived lines on a map have no relevance in the weave of real life. Wild creatures need no flags to know what lot they belong or which way the wind blows them to safety for their entire species. They fly through the atmosphere with neither fear nor colonialism as their goal. 

I stand with the damsel and dragon flies. Freedom, global freedom, is free and requires nothing but a human understanding that planetary human peace not chronic nationalism is the solution for our species survival. 

Today, I hoist to the cobalt blue ethers, in my imagination, the flag of the dragonfly. I leave for you to imagine the kingdom of dragon and damsel flies representative icon adorning a piece of cosmic cloth. Their liberty of identity with no restraints is freely held up by the airs, gravity, and geomagnetism – flapping, soaring, and dancing.

** held in demesne (of an estate) occupied by the owner, not by tenants.



2 thoughts on “Nationalism is Primitive*

  1. Beginning at 11:20 AM and still happening at 3:36 PM (Costa Rica) Friday, August 30, 2013, as I post this, is a dragon/damselfly migration. Thousands are passing over on a course due south. It is a wonder. We do not know why they migrate or where these insects will finish up on the mothership. I stand in owe to feel my heart resonate with beats of pure joy watching life seeking life, in uncountable numbers.

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