The Washed-Up Mini-Minority

Every day humans make decisions about life from basic needs to sophisticated political intrigue elephant sized grunge. Putin made a decision and his motives are the talk talk of the never walk walk diplomacy corps, worldwide. When Snowden had his original inner attacks of ethics and values, I am positive he mulled over consequences of possible decisions regarding his remaining time on Earth. Bright people – cognizant, mindful, and usually fearlessly sober – do not jump to the swing without serious evaluations of possible scenarios. Snowden was trained to think and act with an exit strategy. Consideration is the task of intelligence driven by an open heart, and I am not speaking about the realm of spooks or the NSA or Bush Jr. treated for a blocked coronary artery.

In this tome, I am also not going to launch the O’Keefe pinky dirigible of my spiritual/soul over your distant heads. Further, my goal is not to swim beneath your greenie kayak on the rivers of spongy awareness. I am trying to keep myself clear of misty moments in this ongoing dirge of my caca. Please read on.

As our species proceeds in its karmic annulations, I have choices, as you do no matter what or whom the repressors try to shove down our throats or water board us to falsely confess. Those caught up in a lifestyle of more is never enough are not likely to suffer the Snowden epiphany, any time soon. Convenience, paranoia, and ego feed the machine. I do contend the empire is on its last three wobbling legs.

The advent of global communications via the Internet is the supreme game changer our peaking species is experiencing. If humanity had not been buried for 800 years during the dark ages, applied technology emanating from the silicon-based nerd people probably would have arrived not in the 20th century, but the 16th. All hoist our organic lattes for Steve Jobs taking LSD to become conscious of oneness.

George W. Bush, calling himself the decider, is, and was an asleep at the wheel idiot. A small souled man trying so hard to please his father, Bush Jr. is not unlike slick Willy Clinton, who wants Bush Sr. to recognize him, too. O-Bomb-O apparently also has serious father issues. I recognize this psychological profile where you give away your power of self-sentiency because I too succumbed to dreaming of a birth father that articulated how awesome I was. Luckily, I experienced a loving surrogate daddy image in a man who left this Earth 8/8/88. Moreover, in all truthfulness, my deceased husband Arthur was far more paternal to me than he, friends, and family would come clean about. My clan are by genetics and brain skills a pugnacious noisy, opinionated lot but too guarded.

Airing dirty human familial or societal laundry while paddling across the lake takes courage yet more importantly requires watchfulness and freedom from a whopping case of the what-ifs or Mr. Know-it-alls.

What is apparent to those willing to see, not merely look, is not limited to the good news proclaimed by Christianity, or the heavenly reward of Islam, or the cosmic incense burning devotion of the Hindi. Every nano-second the truth spits out its superlatives across an expanding matrix. We, the untouchables of the digital borderless society, beat the drum gathering breath and depth as we tumble up the hill, denying the gravity of ignorance its due.

Are we peerless? Can we be invincible? Are we going to surpass the washed-up mini- minority in the form of the unwashed masses holding cell phones and tweeting reality? Anonymous touts their stuff. Assange runs for office. Little Bradley Manning serves his time. Two billion of us have access to the Internet.

Indomitably so be it. Never giving up, never giving in, is my mantra. Some of us wheeling and others crawling and hopefully many are flying their hopes for rights and justice not into the burning sun. Bringing consciousness and light from one provincial section of the mothership to another has never been easier. How? By way of non-judgmental dialogue and cyber-chats linked via the ethers, Here is this venue our hearts learn tolerance and expand our minds. I probably will not live long enough this time around, but you may, to see human honesty digitally broadcast correspond to realizing global peace.

The glory of flexible resolution in the format of non-violent endeavors is the MLK basic operation of the universal heart. Gandhi in his homespun diaper manifested the simplicity of uncomplicating the system of oppression by consistently, simply standing up disarmed while smiling. Both asked the right questions without feeling less than.

Using weaponry of wakefulness, shared experiences, and mutual support for each other is akin to Avogadro’s law. A principle of physics this law contends equal volumes of different gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules. Members of all human cultures centered at the same place and time (read the Internet) contain the same number of concentrations of change for the greater good, exponentially supported.

Open your attaché case, or backpack, or despoiled medicine bag flinging out the unscrupulous laundry of insipid immature emotive constraints. Discard twisted excuses tar baby stuck to stupid myths initiated to keep us from accepting each other. These are props to keep the empire doing its destructo-derbies. Begin today to engage in chats (read interlink) with others who otherwise you would never encounter without the magic of this digital reality. Yet beware, if you are abusive and use this format for an agenda of dominance to feed your failing ego the universal heart is bound to whack your third-eye, if not your lower charkas, with eternal payback.

What forms of payback are possible? Only your karma knows. If you decide to continue in your mocus focus of subjugation your self-agreed repression (read denial) is a sword of your own making. It is waiting for you to fall on it. Be a right action warrior and step over the dead bodies of what is crooked and dissipated. Use the byways of the worldwide web for principled non-violent education harboring no ill toward any honorable human.

Further, karma is the littermate to being a bitch and do not interrupt this in a sexual context. Measly midnight to 3 AM lives addicted to the cement shoes we wear to sludge through today’s denial is a false cyberhell. Too many of us tie anchors around our hearts and construct shields because we lack loving encouragement by ourselves and by stretchy others. Rancid left-overs from a buried bruised childhood of wanting and needing appreciation make us stiffs, not lovers. Seeking any kind of audience (read charismatic leadership telling lies to be loved) is a distress we manifest by accepting mis-information as certainty. Buying into insanity by doing nothing to countermand the falsehoods is heartless treason. Happiness is based in truth. Joy is sharing the happiness.

To crap out because of a fear of intimacy with our selves, and others, is another con I am overly familiar with, yet blessed by grace I found the portal to getting real. The gate is not what we think. The opening in the hedge grove into the inner sanctum garden of jasmine is in the shape of the universal heart. Drinking from the fountain is extraordinary.

It is simple. Make friends with those living in the creative light on social media and then begin concerned intelligent chats/dialogues. You do not have to be gifted to understand their situation, or tell yours. To better comprehend how we can lift humanity out of wars directed by insecure bastards desperate to fill an ailing inner pit is not a trivial pursuit. Stopping power mongers trying to please an imaginary daddy and/or mommy may begin with sharing kitty kat photos and the latest mime. If we are to progress smartly and end suffering, multi-dimensional reflection must move beyond the visual of kittens sleeping with puppies. Jungian symbolic, or what?

Factual knowledge shared from being on the ground that is not filtered by corporate paid ‘reporters’ running-scared is precious to freedom, justice, and bread. Activist journalists live by the quality and reliability of their sources within a network protected and revered.

A noted exception, I am totally against armed rebellion. I am fully in favor of protecting the Internet’s privacy and freedom of use. Those who pervert its usage to prey on children, showoff their butts or dicks, or trample the rights of humanity and Earth can be easily thwarted by popular dis-use. Illegal disregard is another issue better left to its own un-monitored discussion. Personally, I launched a SCUD attack of real facts to those making a living spying on us in hopes these fellow humans get up from their workstations and never return to active duty inside the soldier-land of the empire.

What is not acceptable is leaving your aching heads (topknot one or small) in the mud and pretending what is happening ‘over there’ has no relevancy to your cranny-ridden orb of activity.

Egypt is the current events Petri-dish for our species. Those who are willing to watch with detachment (anyone not Egyptian and I put myself in this bag of the wannabe intelligentsia) while not contributing to the empire’s latest media lube job are those standing upright atop the pin of truth. Yep, prideful artsy balloon I am – floating above my own cyber-crannog. Plus-yep, I would like nothing better than to be unnumbered and unremembered standing with my social media friends and followers as a cadre of annoying pin-pricks of human rights and social justice.

Rising-up and forever twittering tweets to end the madness of the military industrial complex deploying context, content, and consciousness is soul food for our species. Bravery is painless in the medium of cyber smoke and mirrors. Who knows? You may be the creator of a new template of human social organization based on paying it forward.

News blast from the digitized weather underground: “Prevailing conditions inside the cyber milieu are conducive to fresh free-thinking. Wind is sustained at a livable breeze. Humidity is without posturing. Seven day forecast is looking viable for communications.”

We break from the weather report to bring you this live feed:
“Ah, OMG, wait a second, an odd shaped dirigible is hovering over the space needle. It is dragging a banner in stiff upper atmospheric winds. LOLs are going viral as the paisley besought battered streamer says, Make Love, Not War.”


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