Stuck in The Stone

Editing out the caca of humanity, our life, and civilization in general is a multi-dimensional edged excalibur sword. A mystical icon eon-perennially stuck, removed, and then re-stuck in the magical stone. A creative person’s mission is to get the damn thing out and use it to cut down the bullshit making room for innovation and invention. 

First, we need to accept shit, fresh or recycled, is not healthy and probably not going sweet any time soon inside our self-contained spin cycle of hyper-activity superseding quality. We are not in charge, positive or negative. 

Second, if you feel it is painful it could be the piercing of truth or the reliable revelation you are an arsehole, they are a bigger or smaller one, or karma is making our ego go puffy and our heart become stale. 

Third the mind plays tricks selling chemical made soap we smell as organically handmade herbal. Too subtle? Mis-conceptions/mis-perceptions twisted inside flowery vases actually built of sand are from the kingdom of mirage. Here is what I seem to keep forgetting, “IF it doesn’t nourish our souls, set it adrift.” Flotsam of the spirit is defined in various scriptures in a multitude of languages filtered by the few and believed by the billions, as is the definition of faith. Flash: Religiosity is NOT creating a planet of love and peace, in case you only know how to read cuneiforms – we (read you and me) screwed the pooch*.

If I remain with the universal heart thought form (read mindful not brain battered) and spit out the polluted froth of my over-engaged brain I may have a shot at living free and not bound by any pre-ordained m.o. I might also no longer paint by myself into a mirrored room of delusion. 

Currently, the hacking down of the pesticide ridden GMO grain fields of human caca takes up too much time. Although, I do adore crop circles. WE are running out of time. Ranting about this political stupidity or that one is the worm invested monkey chasing its thinning tail. What we need is to gather our collective mind-set and devise a global human society NOT yet considered. 

Come on. The train left the station for capitalism, socialism, communism, tea party-ism, liberalism, radicalism, anarchism, criticisms, idealism, imperialism, libertarianism, corporatism, Machiavellianism, the right, the left, the middle, the silent majority, the noisy whack-jobs, populism, progressivism, whiggism, omnilateralism and any combo of same or those I am too ignorant to name. Let us cut to the chase (read fish or cut bait). 

WE, humanity, must discover a wholistic global reality we semi-agree on where liberty and justice for all is not a country and western tune. To accomplish this small task requires a simple understanding. So far, nothing we conjure is working too swell. To emphasis my frustration as of this moment I trivially refuse to be named tagged into any operating political arena or Fedbook photo tagged. 

As a beleaguer free thinker I am no longer encumbered by historical in or out significance or futurist possibilities. Science Fiction? Maybe, yet time and space is of the essence, and not just because I am at this grand greying crinkle age. Time is melting and any chance our species has of divining a meta-answer while practiced at the local provincial geo-level is fading faster than Austrian god-particles. 

How do I know this? No president in the history of mankind would send a guy (McCain) who spent five years in a hole in the ground in South East Asia and has the facial cancer to prove it to The Land of The Nile. I meant it is hot in Egypt, and Ra, the sun god, keeps the country baked.



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