Wanna Stop Suffering?

Blame and shame tactics may work with the 80% Egyptians who lack a decent education yet the comments stirred by al-Sissi’s (see link below) immature rant are telling. Many who posted comments would prefer O-Bomb-O take American tax-payer monies ear marked for the Egyptian military and send them to the country for health, education, and welfare. 

Power-whore Vietnam veteran Hagel and lying insecure Kerry uploading monies and support for a protection racket apparently is without end. They are not mere cogs in a wheel of destruction where greed is valued over kindness and equality. What happened to the Lanky Yankee Kerry I witnessed standing up as a vet against Vietnam is a mystery. Hagel’s resume is a textbook of the Peter Principle how to succeed by being dull and an ego-maniac bought by dirty oil including serving on Chevron’s board of directors.

Millions of people in the streets around the world are becoming a daily way of life. Human rights cannot rise above tanks, jets, and armed military if the people do not themselves unite for peace without vesting another savior from hell. Protesting by hanging banners for this purchased leader or that religiosity leader is playing exactly into the hands of the global greedy. Pawns and Sheeple marginalized, oppressed, repressed, manipulated, shackled, water-boarded, wired for destruction or the use of faked WMD’s to generate paranoia, along with drones plus satellites to FB deployed for spying, and so forth, and so on, are annihilation attacks on human love to advance an Orwellian neo-civilization. 

Unless our species comes up with a global social organizing methodology based on equality, leveling the monetary playing field, and enough maturity to protect Earth our remaining days on the third rock from the sun are sliding down the rabbit hole. 

WE, as in, you and me, and the other two billion with access to the Internet can not only disseminate the truth to make changes, WE can stop the machine in its tracks. The empire of avariceness is on its last legs so we must now begin to build a civilization of values most of us grew up with and can easily envision. 

Step One: Dismantle the military and bring home the troops to every country they originate from while destroying ALL war machines. If Egyptians believe in God as much as they proclaim in every tweet, FB posting, and blog writing then an act of faith based in peace and love is practiced by not believing for one instance the military is the answer to fostering a free state. Al-Sissi is a ploy, not a god. Al-Sissi is the problem, not the solution. Al-Sissi is one more example absolute power corrupts absolutely. He and O-Bomb-O are stooges for the military industrial complex. When they have served the empire enough they too will be discarded on the historical heap of body politic ego tripping wannabes. 

Step Two: STOP playing the lethal game and the game ends, friends. The ultimate act of civil disobedience is to lay down your arms and stand-up for life. Every single Egyptian military person hails from a family and is encircled by friends so go to each and everyone and explain to them how peace begins. Insist they no longer be the force of fear, hatred, and indifference. A movement for peace begins with me, then you, and so forth. Second Amendment aside, our species no longer has the right to arm themselves because we are killing the world.

Step Three: Send Senor al-Sissi, Hagel, Hillary Clinton, and Kerry and an entire list of war-mongers and corporate f**ks into the White Desert or the Sudan, each on their own, to find their broken souls. Forty days should do it.

Step Four: Tell the American govt. to butt out unless American tax-payer funding streams go directly into financing schools teaching self-esteem, freedom, and sustainability in Egypt and everywhere else my former homeland’s govt. is making war instead of love. 

Step Five: Throw the banksters out and the UN and the faux NGOs. 

Step Six: Take control of the economy as a social democracy instead of continuing down a trail toward civil war and advanced disunion of the land of The Nile and other hotspots of social insanity around the globe set-up to keep us off center and colonialized for the sake of the controllers. (see the list below)

Humanity is currently little more than a tribal-based lot of 7,169,664,970+. We fight amongst ourselves for turf, resources, and ego. Lower the boundaries without diffusing endemic cultures. Our primitive existence is shrouded in emerging technology yet we still, in mass, hide in our caves and scream out into the darkness. 

The Internet is the first global tool available to exchange cultural understandings and link our hearts. Use it wisely to build friendships and tolerance and to offer whatever wisdom one may possess. 

IF WE continue the dialogue amongst ourselves with the goal of peace and unity WE can end the madness of us vs. them and bury our wounds. Egyptians, Turks, Italians, Japanese, and every human sect on Earth hail from the exact same genetic base. 

For the sake of a possible future human seventh generation, open your hearts and reach out to each other to trust enough to not be insulted or ruled or used and abused by a system geared for war and intense selfish desires for monetary wealth, power, and more.

As I tell a dear friend of mine, an ancient Egyptian poet and political ranter, no matter what happens I am not giving up on him, or me, or us, or you, or life, or Earth, or love.

Here are some stats to consider while waiting for the call-back from your relative or friend asking them to lay down their arms:

Top 20 Largest Countries by Population

1. China 1.386 billion
2. India 1.254 billion
3. USA 320,284,707
4. Indonesia 250,137,797
5. Brazil 200,516,367
6. Pakistan 182,418,843
7. Nigeria 174,068,186
8. Bangladesh 156,772, 137
9. Russia 142,799,886
10. Japan 127,130,172
11. Mexico 122,457,906
12. Phillippines 98,550,938
13. Ethiopia 94,323,107
14. Vietnam 91,759,873
15. Germany 82,719,632
16. Egypt 82,179,358
17. Iran 77,541,589
18. Turkey 75,016,280
19. Congo 67,684,452
20. Thailand 67,030,028

Total Number of Facebook Users as of August 2013
1.15 Billion

Daily active Facebook users
699 Million

Average number of monthly posts per Facebook page

Total number of Facebook friend connections
150 Billion

Average Number of Facebook friend connections

Average daily Facebook likes
4.5 Billion


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