Risky Business in Egypt


How to sell out an aspiring democracy of the twitterized Imagepeople by the struggling people using the next dirty oil/mineral mega-development as means for the payoff? Sad, truly sad and another pissant slam in the face of the Egyptian Spring.* Money yaks how far can you jump and emerging liberties are swamped in The Nile?

The more enlightened countries of Latin America told US owned loan merchants and trans-nationals to get the f**k out. The people of most South American countries no longer want to be abused by banksters and corporate owned government foisting one more layer of oppression – debt restructuring going to default coupled to wholesale slaughter of the environment.

Debt restructuring comes with a slew of lethal conditions predicated not on progressive reform no matter what the IMF massages in its annual reports.

The Latin American debt crisis was a financial debacle originating in the early 1980s. Foreign debt exceeded a country’s economic earning power (duh?) and the government was incapable of repaying (ditto). Lower latitude Latins learned their lesson that the con of banksters helping “third world countries” to achieve less poverty is not through non-sustainble economics.

Costa Rica borrowed so much money the CR govt. went bankrupt attempting to pay the interest. Sound familiar? Predatory lending is not regulated to lower working class neighborhoods in America. CR was bailed out by promising to create national parks. Parks by the way loaded with rich sources of timber, minerals, water, and wildlife but for peep’s sake do not spread this around. China might find out.

Larger countries cause larger problems if they default (read Brazil or USA). The bigger a nation’s debt, the more damaging a default or a “haircut” will be to investors, and the more likely it is to damage the world’s economic basis and feed an expanding long term recession. It is the global casino. For example, Greece is a small country, and a Greek default can’t be managed unless you are a member of their 1% and then you stand to make another shit load of mola. But if a bigger country like Italy, Spain, or France goes into the crapper on the backs of its citizens the potential for damaging repercussions is exponentially greater. Collateral mis-calculatons by blinded govt. to bring about revolution and/or anarchy. Now wait a minute. Could it be the big tune in Les Miserables is the answer?

Capitalism as practiced is a faulty systemic neo-economic system creating wealth for the few while underwriting the worse characteristics of our species – greed, more is never enough, injustice, and inequality with war as the primary economic engine. Social democracy economics is a possible alternative. I am not a socialist nor a communist or a gung-ho Friedman follower. Maybe our species needs to eliminate the entire operating premise of money? Globalization with a heart will not happen unless each of us affects a 24/7 change to our consumeristic habits not just blabbering on about living with a small footprint.

My definition of globalization? Utopia is wholistically living a serene joyous life without borders with no passports and no import/export tax while taxing every Wall Street transaction and holding politicians and corporates criminally accountable for destroying Earth. Sort of a free-market worldwide nutso bazaar where bartering is preferred and money is worthless. Campaign finance reform and employees are vested in the companies they chose to work for where safety and advancement is built-in. Ambition is channeled to scientific research and development. Health care, education and the internet are a 100% given. Addictions are treated rather than using a war on drugs to finance the corruption of drug lords and tyrants. There are other attributes – yet let’s not get lost in the Himalayas, yet.

The Skippy example of what I am advocating. Skippy Peanut Butter costs ten USA bucks a jar in Costa Rica. It probably is GMO peanuts but I cannot confirm. Certain folks love Skippy. It is comfort food from their childhood. It is holy American. It is gooey and nut tasty with jam smeared inside two slabs of white bread. In my global economy Skippy corporation is operated and owned by an organic farmer cooperative. Skippy is traded not as an abstract commodity but inside direct fair trade exchange via farmers using actual sea-going containers. The cooperative sends Skippy around the planet. Skippy lovers buy it at their local cooperative for a fair price not slathered in corruptions like CAFTA and NAFTA. What do Skippy farmers get in trade? Organic coffee, or beans or whatever is needed on their end. Logistics are not a problem Big Brown (BB) can handle anything. If not BB (now employee owned) then a cooperative of ship handlers. Would it cost $10 a jar? It would have no money value. In a barter system Skippy is equal to organic farmer tasty grown coffee.

Want potato wine from Russia, or Sturgeon eggs from Turkey then come up with a trade for the next mousetrap beyond G5 iphones. Who makes the it? Not apple and not poor Chinese smucks. Science is the manufacturer and what it costs is the same price – worldwide and under $20. The folks who work the line making the gadgets operate cadcams and have degrees from Stanford or MIT or similar brain trusts so part of their apprenticeship is interning at the factory. A new twist on Teach America except it is Teach World. Now the factory is small not some mega complex. All the mega=complexes in my utopia were retrofitted to house, teach and make happy the children freed from Sudan and other hells on Earth.

Back to Risky Business

Egypt, please don’t sell out to a bi-polar future where default and concessions to continue repression are set in motion by debt restructuring. This is how Greece got jammed into the canister of austerity because Goldman Sucks funded the govt. into oblivion. Gov. Jerry Brown figured out how to ‘save’ the fifth largest economic base in the world (California) and put the state back into the black without further demise yet at what cost to the environment?

The liars, banksters and whores of administrations and their cronies will benefit in the millions and millions of dollars as these numbers for Egypt’s debt restructuring set up a perfected corrupt regime. Those who helped Egypt get stuck in the muck in the first place are exactly those who will benefit the most.

Bailouts are total bullshit – organized and administered to protect the weathly on the backs of working stiffs while feathering nests of the powers that be. Yet, even the rich and rude become unwilling pawns bought and paid for by even greater keepers (read Madoff and hedge funds).

Egypt desperately needs education and opportunity. The Morsi administration’s plan is not the pathway to solve the daily needs of a civil society flailing away seeking freedom, justice and bread. Letting the banksters and military own the means of everything by administering a draconian band-aide guarantees nothing but continued repression for the people.

Rise-up. Put the intelligent creative benign leadership in play not owned by a religiosity set of rules and/or by those waiting to line up at the trough to further engorge themselves with dominion power and Egypt’s newest con of colonializing wealth.

Egyptians who are free thinkers, secular in practice, and artistically educated to see beyond the wheat fields are more than able to stand united to bring about the promises of the Egyptian spring. It takes courage, solidarity and commitment. What is the reward? Freedom, justice and a sustainable economic standard not determined by those whose working values preclude honor or integrity for the greater good.

Why would this expat American give a hoot what happens in Egypt? It is personal. Maybe everytime I admire what ancient Egypt accomplished I wonder if karma did the country in? Could be I am ferreting out a gene pool of horny back-boneless princes who prefer the quick fix of prostitution over the longterm joy of building a new country? Possibly a humble visionary sees if Egypt becomes the first sustainable free country in Africa and the MiddleEast the table is set to infect the rest of the region.

My motives are not self-serving rather species-serving. There is nothing for me to gain by sticking my feathered neck out in the fray surrounded by the hoods of the Muslim Brotherthugs. If as an Egyptian, you prefer I mind by own business, my chant/retort is as follows: One world, One planet, One humanity.

Herewith is a sustainable economic plan taking wing to re-establish Egypt as a leading country of equality, thought and art: 1) Disband the military; 2) Dismantle the guns, tanks, and the planes (recycle the metal); 3) Close dirty oil down (go 100% rooftop solar); 4) Tell the Sauds to focus on their own ills; 5) Command United States of Hillary to back off and stop using Egypt as one of its military allies; 6) Separate ALL religions from the state; 7) Parrot Iceland’s dance to deal with the banksters; 8) Hold free elections on the Internet; 9) Hold free education on the Internet; and 10) Take porno and porno kings out of the civil society demise equation by instigating town hall meetings (not held in a mosque or church) to figure how to clean up one’s own neighborhood.

Making Egypt safe for every Egyptian wearing a Burka, or not, or a birdwatching American riding an Arabian horse alongside the wondrous Nile is not a short sighted goal.

Fulfillment of personal dreams to live in love with each other while honoring Earth is why we take up the wordy sword, Senor Nilo. You in your way, and me in this venue (and over at my blog bemacomber.com).


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