Dr. Benjamin Spock

Dr. Benjamin Spock

If you were lucky you were raised a Spock Baby.


One thought on “Dr. Benjamin Spock

  1. Yale trained Benjamin Spock. M. D. Spock is the author of one of the bestselling nonfiction books of all time, a guide for parents titled, Baby and Child Care. First published in 1946, it has sold over 50 million copies and has been translated into 42 languages. He was also arrested for peacefully demonstrating for peace.

    Recognizes the Harm That Darwinism Did to Society

    Dr. Spock eventually recognized the serious harm that Darwinism had done to people’s lives and to society in general (Bloom, 1972). The insight Dr. Spock gained is the story of many individuals of our time. His biographer, Lynn Bloom, stated that it was inevitable that Spock, “frustrated in his attempts to express fully his views on various social or political issues in magazine columns,” would elaborate his conclusions in a book. His book, which Bloom calls “Spock’s spiritual autobiography,” was “the distillation of a lifetime of his varied thoughts on the problems of modern western man, Americans in particular. ” In this book he concluded that

    man has lost his belief in himself and his sense of direction because the concepts of evolution, of psychology, and of sociology have undermined the authority of religion and man’s identification with God. They have induced man to belittle himself, to conceive of himself as merely an animal divisible into a number of mechanical parts and drives.”

    In his spiritual autobiography, Dr. Spock notes that he was reared in a family “with stern morals even by New England standards.” He then admitted that he tried to free himself from these strict standards throughout his adolescence and young adulthood because he believed then that a “knowledge of biology, psychology, and sociology should offer sufficient guides for a modern man.” His lifetime of reading, practicing as a pediatrician, college teaching, talking with parents, and researching the problems of Western society caused him to,

    come to realize that the worst problems of America—illegal war, racial injustice, unnecessary poverty, for example are caused not by lack of knowledge or means [to solve these problems] but by moral blindness or confusion.

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