Fair Warning – We Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore

Any hostility exhibited toward me will reap you the following: an immediate report and if necessary, authorities; screen shots; and, then blocked. Sequestered crackers need to leave the building. This is not pandering to fears, yours or mine. Nor is this to be inferred i am firing weapons of fear, reactionary or by original intent. Fedbook (#Facebook)is doing a piss poor job to secure its meta-matrix – its polices are capricious in application.

Those of us who are the noisy ones (#writers, #activists, #journos, #politicos, #artists, #Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 12.49.07 AMmusicians, and avid posters of facts) refuse to be bullied. The pro-peace citizenry lobby today includes millions attempting to investigate, research, and uncover the reality. We are not enemies of any state. To demonize us is ridiculous. To call me a traitor is insane. None of us will fall to the Weapons of Mass Fear (WMFs).

The free press and social consciousness creatives working in a free space known as the world-wide web will not be intimidated. The more high-handed lies and imperious tactics and slams pushed out to engage us to ditch our ongoing coverage only fires up the solidarity belly of justice seekers and freedom fighters. For those without the huevos to come out from the shadows your attack mode is seen even in its abject of timorousness. We are the superior intelligence both overt and covert.

The bold technologically savvy far outweighs demoralized offensive surveillance state workers.

If this notice is not understandable, go get a dictionary and consider it a writer’s gift of vocabulary building.

Punishing and censorship are the acts of suppression by fascists. #Netizens shape the news now, not the piddle stream. They follow you and me for their leads.

It is distressing the ‘news’ content no longer comes from the news room as cheapness rules. I maintain a free society without its tenacious watchdogs narrows the discourse to propaganda. I am not alone. We are legion.

Further, I contend we have no right to hand down a #democracy so altered by apathy, greed, and fear it is unrecognizable by future generations. The system’s rigged game is altered with public outcry and social media is our channel. Speak up. Inform yourself. Support the truth.

Be Paul Revere

Final Thoughts but Not Final Curtain

If every #Netizen spent four hours critically thinking and doing research how the rigged games operate, I guarantee there would be a revolution in 24-hours. Ignorance is bliss. The world is imploding and exploding at such a rate even the solar system’s magnetics are affected and the tilt of Earth’s axis altered. This is why those who pay attention refer to this period of human devolution, as the 59th minute.

The #USA slave armies get up and do their duty-job so Israhelli can setup lawn chairs to watch #Gaza be blown to smithereens by the #IOF – herein is the crux. Until the masses wake-up, the slimy basturds elected into office or wearing stars on their collars will win the toss. Collecting mass personal information about us is the grandest bit of much a do about nothing yet to surface on the pond of illusion. The corporate puppet masters are ignorant small souls who we hand the reins to.

We successfully have never actually built an authentic #democracy in these United States. It is an urban and rural myth. Wrapping yourself in a flag while sitting in a foil lined bunker in North Sacramento, California, using a joystick to shoot bombs off drones into wedding parties in #Yemen, #Iraq, #Syria, #Pakistan, #Afghanistan,

#Screen shot 2015-05-03 at 9.38.40 PM

#Gaza, and, so on, is proof positive the machine rules. If you purposely manufacture a civil society of dunderheads led by ego maniacs then this is the outcome – our species self-destructs.

Social media is the only venue left for freedom. Here we can joist, joke, and reveal facts and in solidarity attempt to inform each other. Politics has always been a numbers game with gerrymandering the root of electing idiots. I tried several routes – writing, investigating reporting, Dim party committeewoman, local activist, letters to the editor ranter, Main Street third place business owner, campaign manager for ethical candidates, fund raiser for environmental protection NGOs, and finally running for office myself.

I am here to witness the deepest consistent body politic shift i have witnessed is what social media is accomplishing along with #whistleblowers blowing the lid off the insane acts of the psychopaths.

You and I, sit here and type into the ethers, but people are reading what we write, and they repeat it to others, and another micro shift in the consciousness of humanity occurs. If anyone has a better idea how to shovel the crap off the poop deck i have yet to discover same.

There are super bright men and women who are actually convinced war is good for business and murdering Arabs is good and destroying communities by instigating sprawl is good and living in your car as a commuter is good and getting two weeks off a year for a vacation you pay by charging a credit card is good . . . for them I have no panacea. It takes vision to see. It requires an openness to implement change. It demands fortitude to keep the weakening eye on the rusty ball, everyday, year after year.

My meager methodology is to nail the basturds down, when I can. Then with facts in hand turn on the electric sunshine pinpointed exclusively in their direction. This is the role activist writers assumed for the last several thousands of years. We are the hardly humble watchdogs of injustice. We are the messy format to delivering a balance of powers with a rant for accountability. If the stars are aligned and the moon full and the tides roiling people may hear us, and they may not. My primary job is to write so you want to read, and if a home-run, you think.

Rampant deceptions and duplicity are subject to innate human intuition. Like we know beauty when we see it, we also know truth when we hear it. As to those who think the sun revolves around the planets, even they are re-teachable when vulnerable.

It could be our species must smack into the bottom with such massive magnitude that you and I, even as skeptics, can’t imagine the level of speed in the final fall from grace. Kitty kat memes, badly written love chats, and tacky emoticons do not push the culture forward. These are fluff – cotton candy with neither pretense of value nor worth time in my books. But, i live in the real jungle not a cement condo one in New Jersey. The later is not my choice and never was a blip on the mini or big screen of a life well lived.

A money tree on a sweet scented spring day did not shower me with its bounty. I worked my tail feathers to a frazzle, creatively and effectively as I knew, to escape the planet New York. Plus, i had fun tweaking and honing my world view and this craft. Yet, there were sixteen prior familial generations of Macombers who also envisioned they had the right action focus on living in harmony. See, this is why we are in the final throes of our species – corrupt and torn to shreds. We have yet to learn how to live together, as one whole species, and pass it along. Yes, this is a Beatles tune. No, it is not going to be presented as part of the platform by kitbutz Senator Bernie or Mossad operative Hillary.

One of the too cool compliments a writer or teacher receives is when they (without trumpets) deliver a string of words into the public milieu and much later someone, friend or foe, repeats the phrase in a new context exactly as the originator wrote it.

Unknown memorializing is tasty relevancy.

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Deleting the War Mongers

Jeffrey Goldberg was a guard in the largest prison in Israhell where Palestinians are held for years without out due process of law. Kids are even stuck in this jail. Today, Goldberg is an awarding winning mouthpiece for the empire as national correspondent at The Atlantic. In the past, I read his writings to understand the latest ploy used in US of Constant Wars foreign policies. This morning, I un-followed him on Twitter. I cannot take the lies anymore or the upside down inside out non-analysis

IT is not that complicated Jeff; war is unhealthy for all living things.

How do intelligent, articulate men and women writers continue to creep around in the darkened unethical shadows, yet thrive in the limelight? Is not an astute writer’s onus that he or she easily sees through the smoke and mirrors?

My peacenik perspective started the first day my mother taught me how to talk to hummingbirds and continued to forge waves through an adult life where I continue to see zip value in murdering others to acquire land, resources, and/or put one religiosity higher than another.

I NEVER subscribed to violence as a solution to bring about peace. It goes against every gut feeling I know, it goes against every observation I ever witnessed in nature, and it goes against every value and ethic I was taught.

There is some hole, some ungodly, unholy soul sick gap in people like Goldberg. If one was to do a fair psychological assessment of him, I guarantee he has a history perfect for this role as flogger blogger liar for the empire.

Here is an example of his crap (see link at end of this paragraph) – you decide for yourself. Yet, if the American public is to wake to the reality of its govt’s. policies to murder Arabs, then Goldberg has to be removed from his place on the stage of liars. “Compared with violent death rates, the number of dead in Gaza is small . . . Hamas is trying to get Israel to kill as many Palestinians as possible.”

Goldberg’s article = http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/07/what-exactly-is-hamas-trying-to-prove/374342/

Moreover, Goldberg goes on, “Dead Palestinians represent a crucial propaganda victory for the nihilists of Hamas . . .”

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 12.23.12 PM

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Finalizing Some Drips

Today, Tony the Carpenter managed a ‪#‎miracle‬. For years, the ADA loo in the hut has been cranky and requiring forever to refill its tank.‪#‎ADA‬ stands for American Disability Act – the toilet manufactured taller for those in wheelchairs or suffering from cranky body joints like my husband’s affliction as an aging man of the sea. I procured new loo innards and within minutes Tony installed certain parts, rejected others, and then magically required it to flush faster than the wink of a toucan.

The lame question of the day is why did i wait so long for an expert plumber? Until now, I never knew Tony C was more than a superior tropical hardwood craftsman. The convenience of a loo, be one on land or sea, is a luxury for too many on this ‪#‎planet‬.

My water source is a pristine spring in the creek on the south side of the finca. It is a drip system to a cool looking holding tank tower i designed to look somewhat like a ‪#‎Balinese‬ drum tower.

During torrential rain the entire creek morphs into a highly raucous noisy state cascading with such force one could propel a jetliner. When I first lived here, during and after rain storms the hidden mt. creek with its two waterfalls – short distance below the hut – sounded like living next to the Hollywood Freeway in Studio City (LA) on a Friday night. The south and north quebradas (creeks) occasionally remind me of when i had to fly too regularly to and fro San Francisco (SF) to LA as part of my duties. I was VP of creative services for the Pacific Rim for a behemoth ad agency.

One foggy morning, I walked into my corner office on the 22nd floor in the financial district in ‪#‎SF‬, looked out the windows into the smog ridden pea soup and considered how much I hated cleverly compellingly selling soap, perfume, booze, airlines, and other fortune 500 crap. I picked up my portfolio case, and some other papers, and walked gallantly out of there, to never return.

There have been a few moments in my life, when a spontaneous response panned out, such was this awakening. If you ever watched the TV series ‪#‎MadMen‬, it is too accurate in its depiction of this horrible scam of a business. My fat ego on Scotch and coke (snow, not the beverage) put me in this unethical creative pursuit.
Grins were all around, as I took the elevator to the granite clad lobby. Unbeknown to me a pool was operating on what date I would pull the cord on my paisley parachute. When I sauntered through the immense glass lobby doors of the skyscraper, I put my London Fog raincoat on and I gleefully walked to my design studio at 833 Market Street. There, work apron adorned, inside the camerawork dark room I put Big Brother and the Holding Company on the turntable, turned it up to full volume, and proceeded to reinvent by life.

I have a filter from ‪#‎Murica‬ to keep small pebbles from entering the water line into the hut, yet, this is the jungle, unpredictable, and tough on human made equipment. Tony C cleaned out all the lines to the kitchen sink and faucet over the bird decorated Mexican sink in the loo. If you are not following the linkage in this story, remember, I am more Jungian than literal.

Gee, now i actually have more than a dribble in the three incoming water sources in the hut. It did not bother me to spend too long a time hand washing dishes. A conservationist’s lesson in Zen is my take on such nuances of finca existence?

JWT sued me, natch. Luckily, I never paid for the consumption of cocaine I snorted up my pert WASP nose. My friends were political attorneys and noisy journos. They provided the white powder, free to moi. As a collective of suits, they also represented me. No monetary settlement was required by either parties (me or JWT). It was a push (a gambler’s term).

Getting clean and ‪#‎sober‬ was the utmost responsible act I accomplished during my entire ranking life. I was a a bloody fixer. Today, I remain a recovering fixer. This means I do not enable others be they ‪#‎POTUS‬, or help a close buddy to carry on their madness of self-defeating self-destructing acts. I tell it like it is.

Yes, I practice a program of ‪#‎recovery‬, yet after 30 years, I am barely conscious of its 24/7 ramification. It fits into my remarkable life like an invisible glove. As AA ers say, it works if you work it.

For those who drink glasses of vino, or one or two tumblers of their favorite alcohol based beverage, or slurp down micro brewery beer, and then no more, your responsible imbibing is not a problem for me. Unfortunately, my consumption was not of this ilk, and eventually the chemicals took control of too many elements in my former life. Today, no longer a functional ‪#‎addict‬, I have not one desire to throw away my sobriety. I also am not a walking temperance union solidified into one female on a crusade. It is what it is, phenomenological speaking, of course.

‪#‎JWT‬ remains an even larger international meta-advertising agency selective in its seductions. The network I established working there is either dead or appear as walking Hermes zombies around their elegant pool patios in the ‪#‎Hamptons‬ and/or ‪#‎Napa‬ Valley estates. Those who opened the escape hatch to daylight and freedom from soul corruption are like me, neither wealthy nor poor. Some of these fine folks are friends on Fedbook, not because of ancient allegiance to JWT, rather, apparently, they continue to find my writing mildly amusing, or maybe there is another betting pool afoot.

It is a program of ‪#‎honesty‬. If you trade up or down for some other crutch you are in denial conning yourself. The ‪#‎Creator‬ wants us to be happy, contented souls not tortured by chemicals and other addictions.

Since the ‪#‎ArabSpring‬, I discovered how ‪#‎Muslims‬, men and women, are of a too similar near different weave of cloth. Not drinking and drugging is not a cross to bare, or a mantra to expound, or five prayers a day to offer. The followers of ‪#‎Islam‬ practice a ‘clean’ lifestyle, just like I do. We both rely on faith where ‪#‎independence‬ is valued encircled in a service above self community. My faith by birth, ‪#‎Presbyterianism‬, is slimmed down to the golden rule as the primary premise.

‪#‎Judaism‬, Islam, and ‪#‎Christianity‬ stem from an identical ‪#‎Abrahamic‬ origin. So, could someone soberly explain why we are at each other’s throats?

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 5.46.44 PM