Chicken Little, the Sky Fell Awhile Ago

Clearly, balance is about a mixture of experiences. Living in this beautiful hermitage in the thriving jungle is an opportunity to delve into creating sustainable harmony by peeling the onion and discarding what is funky and too tattered.

My patience is thinner and thinner regarding the madness we are so adept at delivering. Liars standout as if they are wearing a blinking neon sign across their third eye and my personal stamina for them is now seriously running in the minus. These small souls are not my enemies. They are blips on the radar of neo-humanity (what I call nadakind) who some how are devoid of an inner voice/conscience. When they are in roles as political leaders, you and I are responsible. It is our apathy and shallowness and sloth. Concerned and consumed with our daily grind we do not consistently prioritize what is important – global freedom, human and Earth rights, and social justice – rather our collective nature today is to acquiesce. Swept into a pile of oozing mush, we nod to the empire’s set of upside inside rules, slaves to our dismissal.

I dunno why complying silently is the norm in Gringolandia. The water, toothpaste, chemtrails, the media, the crappy food stuffs, shopping addictions, more is never enough, ego run amuck, constant wars, etc., – maybe the list is nearly infinite in possible combos of this assent into tacitness.

Seems simple enough to push aside the norm – eat organic, support your local economic base that is small and familial, work smart with honor for the greater good, discuss issues and ideas not gossip or puppet the plots to soap operas, use LED for lighting, walk or bike, make a daily effort to pay it forward, teach tolerance at every stop sign, stop listening to the drone of propaganda, think critically, and care enough for the only nest we know to stand up and fight for the survival of Homo sapiens.

Chicken Little, the sky fell awhile ago. What do I do? I write. I try to live in a mindful reality. I happily tend this finca as a nature refuge and receive far more than I ever give. I do not accept the unacceptable. I live outside the system of indoctrination. I deploy social media as both wordy sword and worthy shield. I tell people it is bullshit when it is, even if it annoys them, or turns them away. I use to care take people’s feelings I loved over my own until a blessed epiphany of realization. I have the right to express who I am, or not, and if you are not willing to listen and respect my perspective and in reaction try to throw your guilt trip at me then this says far more about you, than me. Detach with concern is a handy emotive tool. The edges of this tool are worn down to the nub. Maybe I need to discover a gentler mouse trap as a sharpening device? In actuality, the 2 by 4 i sling seems to break the denial far faster than passing out the preferred Kool-aide.

Too many times, I soberly wonder if our species will eventually live in a world of peace or is it already too late. We blew it. We bought into the worse aspects and character defects of our genetically altered gene pool and now get to suffer the natural consequences of our actions.Rumi meme

A New Year’s Eve Never Forgotten

A bombastic writer/Irisher/lawyer/politico friend who drank way way too much but had a heart made of sweet marshmallow and burnished gold decided he would spend New Year’s Eves drunk in different world-class cities. The last time we touched base (before he died much later in a car accident not wearing a seat belt) he said he had been to 18 different New Year’s celebrations in 18 different countries. But, you know the blarney an Irisher can spiel.

He and I shared one of these New Year’s Eve, a long time ago in Mexico City – his idea of a world class city. I had three rules if we were going to go on this adventure – he could not drink, there would be separate accommodations, and no hanky panky. He kept to his potty mouth word but he was nearly unbearable in his dry drunk state. Luckily, I know how to detach with concern.

We were dear dear friends and nothing romantic on my end. I cannot think of New Year’s Eve without thinking of Clancy and me sitting in the elegant Hotel Geneve Ciudad De Mexico eating huge shrimp cocktails and drinking virgin Bloody Mary’s at 4 AM, spike heel deep in confetti. Clancy in a tuxedo and me in a slinky ocean blue cocktail dress wearing pearls in the after glow of the festivities. No one knew we had sneaked away for those days, it was our lifelong secret.

The Anthropological Museum is some miles from this marvelous traditional hotel but Clancy and I walked to and fro the museum – and spent hours in this fantastic museum. How we accomplished this feat is beyond me. I do know the two of us together never could stop discussing life in general and politics in particular. There was only one other person in my life who I shared this non-stop repartee, and I married him.

Photo: Hotel Geneve, Mexico City.

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 5.39.48 PM

Politicians and their Donor Who Fund #Gaza Horrors – Part One – US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Dim/Rhode Island)

We go down many rabbit holes on purpose with a mission. ‪#‎SenatorSheldon‬Whitehouse’s number one contributor is Technology Crossover Ventures ( with $102,600. TCV is an entity that helped fund Facebook and is huge now with ‪#‎Vice‬ Media. This is a source I find deplorable as it is tabloid ‘smews’ but in the past I used while two of their drinking stringers were in ‪#‎Gaza‬.

What we are specifically looking for is why Whitehouse is such a thumper for Israhell. Rabbit holes are more like warrens of interconnecting information and the task is to stay focused on the primary target. In this case it is Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. His second largest contributor is Goldberg, Lindsay and Company located at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC with over ten billion dollars in assets. This concern contributed $54,200 to Whitehouse. Its co-partner, Alan E. Goldberg, is on the board of the United Jewish Appeal of NY (UJA of NY). UJA-Federation of New York, (United Jewish Appeal – Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, Inc) is the largest local philanthropy in the world. Goldberg is also a trustee at Yeshiva University in NYC.

Herewith the stinky onion is peeled and it is blatantly clear why Whitehouse supports Bibi and the apartheid state of Israhell. The task will be to explain to the Senator why Goldberg (and I am sure there are others) have tainted the waters of representing the people. Whitehouse is a native New Yorker. Most of the large contributors to Whitehouse are other investment groups and the high end of the military monetary corporatocracy – General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and Raytheon.

In contrast to these donors are the labor lot – Int. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Laborers Union – and why Whitehouse is a supporter in his voting for labor.

If you are wondering how I developed this technique to track an elected official it started a long time ago with my first husband – he was a money farmer (fund raiser) for organized labor, the California Democratic Party, and the DNC. In my spare time, I spent many an hour going over PAC lists of contributors seeking what is called in this industry – TAPS (tickets already purchased) – people who have in the past donated to political candidates.

Reviewing Goldberg’s personal political contributions his number one candidate he supported (with over $82,000 of his money) was Mitt Romney. Savvy contributors play both sides of the aisle and why we now have this ruling two-headed party beast in American politics – the corporatocracy.

Kerry is above most of this crap because he is independently wealthy by heritage and his marriage to the catsup heiress. Gov. Jerry Brown also floats in this cloud as he is married to the woman who put The Gap on the map. These players decided to not be purchased by their contributors because they are more than able to finance their own campaigns (as was Romney). Brown is the son of one of the most politically attuned labor supporters in California history who also was governor. Brown went to seminary in Mountain View to dodge many things in his life. Kerry and Brown are both Catholics by birth and familial intent.

Senator Whitehouse is an Episcopalian. Episcopalians are not fully protestant, but at the same time are not Roman Catholic either and in fact folks move from faith to the other and back with no disdain by either authorities within the faiths.

It is important to define the character of an American politician by their religiosity. Why? It is usually another funding stream yet more hidden in the smoke and mirrors of politics.Southern Rhode Island Coastline after Hurricane #Sandy

Photo credit = Oct. 31, 2012: Providence Journal photographer Kris Craig took to the sky to capture these aerial shots of Sandy’s impact on Rhode Island’s southern shore.

Casting Aspirations

As we edge closer to the closing of 2014 my memory bank flash backs seeing the babies, kids, and adults of #Gaza blown up and burned alive with chemicals. What species on this planet is as horrific as our own? To those who continue to creatively fight the inspiring good fight, to give their much loved lives and tender hearts, you are why we – the word wimps (writers and journos) – keep trying to shift the paradigm toward peace. The wondrous world is full of sweet gentle humans but you and I need to weed out the god awful power elite who endow humanity with their insanity because of their inbred paranoia and shitty goal structure.

War is a highly toxic mental illness. Peace brings joy, tolerance, and compassion.

The #ArabSpring was not a desert illusion. A #FreePalestine is not merely a dream. An#America where people rule instead of the corporate monsters is doable. A terrorist-free world is probably not going to happen, soon. We have within our genetic helix – evil. Such a breeding line fed mood altering drugs become beasts inflicting ghastly suffering. I am unsure where the trigger is – the juncture where a human being with some balance flips into a fanatical nut job willing to murder babies and kids. America trains same by the millions. ISIS attracts same by the thousands. The #Pakistan Taliban may have cornered the market for their region.

If I have one New Year’s resolution it is the same one, for decades. “I promise to keep working for peace on #Earth and goodwill toward all (including all living creatures).” It is my mantra. It seems to never age and at brutally real times becomes a blue haze rather than a bright beam of crystal light.

Time is not an illusion and it is collapsing. I feel my days go by faster and faster while my nights seem only seconds in duration. There is not enough time to do all I intend and dream, and how human.

2015 is a fresh opportunity to do right, to be one, to lend a sweet hand, to join together to do good, to seek the higher path toward evolved consciousness, and for me, to become closer to a higher power. The future is not a projection. The past is not necessarily a reflection. You and I have here and now as pixels and 1s and Os. We have a choice to use social media to bring solidarity of compassion or continue to wax on whiny and ineffectual.

Whatever your resolution for 2015 be careful what you set in motion by thought and/or deed, as we proceed forward it could turn out this is our one long judgment day.

Whenever I look at photos of Earth, I take a deep and abiding sigh and try and say simply, thank you. Such is not easy for this wordy one. What a miracle is the blue marble.

#Love is not a fleeting encounter of random sequencing. It is the sole reason we are manifested here and now. Yep, I actually believe love is the entire remedy for our personal and societal malaise. The planetary wide dosage needed for our species appears meta but if you chunk it down to your own realm of action and concern – loving those near and dear – some how love is a healing virus. What a simple methodology. So why the f#ck is it so difficult for humanity to surrender to love’s exclusive request?Screen shot 2014-12-26 at 3.37.00 PM

#Terrorism ? ? ? #Barrett Brown ? ? ?

If We Speak Truth, We Are Human Not Terrorists

As I stated in the past, if Barrett Brown is a criminal then every single human being (and bot) who reads a hacked corporate state email is an enemy of the corrupt establishment. This includes moi. I prefer not to be a bleating slave to the smoke and mirrors dismantling of the Bill of Rights. I adamantly refuse to be labeled by the empire I am a terrorist because i yammer on against tyranny and injustice with specifics and facts.

At this late date (read the 59th minute), Homeland Security can pretty much do whatever it wants to you or me to “thwart terrorism.” The CIA, the NSA, the West Wing, the Pentagon, Google, the banksters, the power behind the thrones, and the other nameless zombie basturds who too easily sold their puny souls for forty pieces of silver are adroitly pushed back via social media by us. We are the people’s army of awareness. We disseminate freedom knowledge. We tweet, we post, we blog, and we comment standing up for liberty, justice and bread. We are the resistance.

The second revolution in America is underway so it is imperative we unearth ethical leadership to represent life and harmony. Otherwise dear ones, our lame species is heading for the junk heap. I understand the intent of Anonymous to have no leaders. Yet, I am an ‘ole fashioned humanist plus a shitty follower of others and I psychologically get why some of us are at the head of the herd.

At the pro NYPD rally today twenty folks showed up. Need I say more about the power of social media to organize and sustain a movement to end the rigged game of power and corruption?

Millions stand up in person in the streets (marching, chanting, and flirting) backed by social media with a fresh intensity and dedication to protest police military tactics and brutality of the citizenry.

Even smarty pants sitting in chic living spaces are holding up their hands. The empire is crumbling. The war mongers can pretend the global casino is a spin upwards. The profiteers stupidly pump killing Muslims, fracking, GMO, Big Pharma, and geo-engineering as perverted solutions to the climatic and civil society crisis on Earth they caused – that too many of us until recently accepted as pro forma. Today, the reality is we literally do not buy their us v. them fear tactic caca or their Walcrap products, anymore. Plus, we are explaining to our family, friends, and associates the real deal and they are joining us.

The polluted rigged game is tittering – the amazing speed of the world wide web is faster than the manufacturing of war machines and CIA torture camps.

In the meantime, chew on this bone – October 2014 was the third largest American usage of cars in the history of the country. Why? According to the Feds it was the drop in the price at the gasoline station – but I think we, as a nation, and as a people, are ON THE MOVE.

The Reason is You

After nearly thirty years of being sober and clean, I have a seen a lot of sad soul sick folks in 12th step meetings. But, the one that tore my ailing heart to threads was a young pretty blonde girl (Quogue, NY, Thursday night meeting) who self-harmed – cut her own flesh. Listening to this video I read a comment from another one living in an identical hell on Earth I have no comprehension. I feel the same way about what happens to Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Cairo, downtown Detroit, and so forth. I freely admit I friggin’ do not get it.

How the f*ck can we do such horrors to ourselves, or each other, or Pachamama? What darkness befalls one’s spirit? Life is so gorgeous if we just see (read lower our shields and shades), not just look. And, when the shit happens – no caring human escapes the caca – the holy fix we simply need to do is confide in a trusted friend to ease the pain – be they human, canine, avian, living angel, or God.

The entire 12th step program is based on free thinking surrender and the mysterious healing power of the fellowship. When I write about recovery, I add how grateful I am for grace entering my life. Why me? I dunno. I was heady blessed from an impending doom of a self-imposed purgatory inside a designer lifestyle. The multi-dimensional life preserver arrived without pity or enabling.

Most people come into the rooms of AA bankrupt at every shady corner of their lives. I was dragged to meetings in Laguna Beach, California, making a monthly income most folks make in a half a decade creatively doing something i thought I loved. My paper mache story was I was burned out from a worldwide fixing campaign. I felt I had ridden my locked-up life into a space with no return.

Today, I continue to carry a tattered petard where the manifesto reads love rules and compassion is the meta wrench in our rusty tool box. I went from wanting a perfect soul to realizing I am from somewhere else, and then accepting such a gritty premise by wearing my sobriety lightly, not like a doomsday cape tied in a triple knot around my neck. There is no halo above my brain but distant stars do glisten in my green eyes if you look closely . . .

I never shed my dreams for world peace but i said adios to those who swallowed the pill life sucks to exist in a bubble of poor me hobbled to blame and shame indulgence. What I use to be, is no longer.

I swear this is true.

Once you hear the inner truth rattle with no replays and too many fast forwards the doctored movie script is riddled with moments of joy. From these delightful calls come passionate insight from afar and captivated faith appears to carry on during the 59th minute.

In the gentleness of some enchanting jungle mornings when defenses have not risen, I shamelessly let the tears flow for you, Earth, and what was. Looking out across the rainforest and the Pacific something weird happens during these purgings. I am struck by happy thunderbolts of what could be. Luckily, I possess no showboat blood stains from an invisible stigmata.

Today, my persona is brimming with concern in a different vain. It is turning out writing a novel is not a kayak group paddle up the misty Hudson, it is broad reach across the Rhode Island sound during falling seas. Not funny, I already knew the fictional painting I would be writing with words is unbounded. Like poignant piano playing, the secrets give up themselves one note a time. My hope is the final lyrics have import. I leave the music for the readership to hear on their own.

Living alone with monkeys, toucans, and swinging bunches of bananas is to be relied on. Social media is coming home to pickup the mail and check on the seedlings. A few of you have no idea how important you are.

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 4.10.51 PM

Not Only for the Christmas Season

“Forgive the guilty,” is not a slam dunk as it includes ourselves and the demons we know, or knew, and even imagined. Two days ago, mulling over current events while beading at the table on the veranda (a mindless craft I take up when my heart is overwhelmed), I was repeatedly muttering, “Ya know Bon, you are going to hell even though you live in paradise.” When the nosey committee within meets to discuss/project my life I listen, with detachment, but not much import.

I dunno, but at this date and time, beating myself up is part of the quest for humility?

Clearly, I would prefer not to live in an afterlife of screaming skull and bones and burning fires but the longer I live this human hell is exactly what we fester on Earth. I witness the horrific ghastly shit we do to each other and this marvelous planet and count my blessings, and yours too, for freely floating above the delusions.

I am an observer. My days of directly jumping into the fray are more than likely finished. Today, and tomorrow, I would prefer relentless living within a kindly, considerate, loving, and satisfying world but maybe the best one can do is be blessed with a significant other who seeks a nearly identical way of life. Oh, and the s.o. carries a level of compassion so heavy, it is invisible, to even himself.

Gratitude arrives set into various stained glass works and occasionally in the form of a woven cloth found forgotten yet forgiven.

#ICan’tBelieve #FreePalestine #Gaza #HumanRights #HandsUp10348590_1004120959605292_1684827785795614703_n