How Serious Is It, Really?

I am a prankster, a rascal, and a scamp, but not a joker. The nuance is recognized by other neo-intellectual wags. I have been a goof since a kid, and probably born with this shadowing personality quirk as my beautiful mom had a dry wit sterling funny bone. I am fairly sure it is genetically passed along via the rogue Scottish gene pool. It is fun to harmlessly tweak and launch a tiny zinger, here and there. Humor alleviates the seriousness of the overactive brain and lightens the bogged down heart. In too eclipsing aspects, I can’t help myself. i like to play in the sand box and not take myself so intensely I forget to enjoy the three weeks we are blessed on Earth.

I was married to another prankster – as we do better traveling in pairs. Now, I am a loner, a widow. I am okay. This deal of the cards is not the one i ever considered, so probably why I am currently in it? My brother is also a scamp but his humor is far more mysterious. If you inventoried by favorite friends they are all illuminated pranksters, in one trickster form, or another. At times we are annoying, as we prefer not to be swallowed up by lunacy of the species. Our off-handed snarky comments and devilish reviews of “how important is it, really”? are not welcomed in some dank quarters.

Other antidotes to pandemonium are risible derivatives that luckily in too many instances pass over the moment unnoticed. Yet, even in obscurity our bundle of witty nerve endings pleases ourselves. No one who is certain about their funny bone is obsequious – it goes across the grain like the edge of chalk squealed on a blackboard. Being jocose preferring a midge of comic relief is not unique to humans – many other creatures are amusing and amused. Somber affairs aside, as i can weep with the best and worse of them, my self-entertainment is probably better shared as inner laughable commentary. I learned that by the third grade.

Living and manifesting a tongue-in-cheek world view is NON-conforming. My particular minx humor is left coast (California is my native homeland). During the decades I lived on the East Coast very few there ‘got it’. I am positive I married my belletrist husband (and, he married me) because we discovered a fellow dramatist in each other – me being the rapscallion elf and him being the astute quipster.

If you can, try and not take it all soooooo seriously, even during the darkest god-awful circumstances.

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 10.02.45 AM

The Human Condition, Rene Magritte, 1933

My grandmother attempted to swat the inner wisecracker out of me and these efforts fed my pun making. “Miss Bonnie, I am telling you right this minute, stop the shenanigans, NOW!” One would think if such anti-comic tactics did not work on my mother they probably were not going to work on her daughter, eh? My brother’s only granddaughter exhibits the same impish attitude. Audrey shortly starts a new school designed for super smarty pants in Austin, Texas . It maybe the zany but kind of classy act is a cloak to make us more readily liked or non-threatening? Or, it may be the comedy tragedy is so bizarre only wit gives it meaning.

#TheHamptons – More than a Faked Lifestyle, isn’t it?

I am reading this article on #TheGuardian website about the #Hamptons,NY, my former home space. The article is ridiculous. The obvious flubby fluffy ‘ad’ for a local realtor maybe the story’s singular value or stinky consequence – actually, it is nothing but more senseless noise on the #Net. Yet, what briefly blew me away was the Latina worker bee who washes the heads of hair of the rude and rich during the summer at a (is there anyone other kind) high tone spa/salon. She claims to be making over $650 per week in tips. Then she goes on to complain she has to live on nearly nothing during the winter.

Okay, so I have not lived in the Hamptons since July ’07, thus one can too easily conclude I am not up to date to debate details. But, I yammer a #Latina with zip education (an immigrant) to be hauling-in a crappy salary PLUS $650+ per in tips each week from late May until middle of Sept. is not shabby. Tip monies I am sure she does not pay income taxes on nor does she contribute to a local save the pet charity. Surely she supports her employed family. They appear to be living in a nice looking rental home in #Southampton, a truly classically beautiful and safe community. Yet, if par for the course, Western Union is visited regularly to forward bucks to those in her native land. I designed, built, and operated an organic espresso cafe at 49 Sunset Avenue, Westhampton Beach, and none of the staff ever made such tips. If they did, i never knew (probably a good thing, Martha). Can you confirm this Amanda Showers?

WTH? Most of those who inhabit the Hamptons during the summer season are either professional escapees from Manhattan looking to score with each other, lookie loos from Upwest cruising to see a celeb, or the revolving door mogul wealthy. There are the original blue bloods, but they are literally dying off in their chic dog-eared parlors and 2nd floor peeling paint verandas overlooking the field club, the #Atlantic, or #PeconicBay.

Now, as to the genre of locals, the dumb-nut who wrote this dribble for The Guardian quotes a couple of realtors (there is a giant herd of them and too many a greedy classless lot), a local elected official, and an immigrant Latino. This is a wearing and weak spread to draw conclusions, let alone tell a compelling story? There are in small numbers anglers, designers, builders, professionals, boaters, baymen, artists, writers, actors, gardeners, horse folks, teachers, neat family business owners, farmers, vintners, architects, retirees, and others of creative #BOHO-bent who reside on the East End of Long Island. These are the actual locals including those with familial ties hailing back to 1640 (right, Bill Pell ?). Yes, many of us bailed before the last real estate debacle – and fewer continue. Year-a-round folks who reside on the South Fork, North Fork, or Shelter Island are a special lot, no doubt about it, because the region is exceptionally historical, beautiful, and no lie isolated during the winter.

Occasionally, in a snarky mood, I pinned a button on my espresso apron, “Tell the Beautiful People I Won’t Miss Them.” The barely uttered benefit for the local world = the summer colony leaves, what my husband referred to as Tumbleweed Tuesday (day after #LaborDay). Nine months out of the year the East End is in a delightful state – no attacks of car alarms and no hotsy designer sales where sandals are half off at $2,000. Plus, most importantly, one can wet a line in the suds (surf cast) with the other five diehards along the Village of Quogue’s beach.

I truly miss boating the waterways, cozy autumn dinners with friends eating baked Striped Bass, writing commentary letters to the editor, and never sharing recipes for blueberry pies. Bags of Billy’s freshly harvested oysters waiting at the backdoor were like finding gold. Gardening perennial beds with ice crystals or sea salty sweat on my brow kept me semi-sane. Yet . . . life moves on. The status quo, even when dressed in cashmere and actual pearls, is the bane of fear.

Besides, I am positive God has new adventures in store for me in far away lands with more incredible birds in the company of classy gentle folks. Listen, living in #CostaRica, where I do, is neither boring nor stressful. Ya ‘all should be so lucky. I no longer have to keep three businesses afloat, nor pay out thousands of dollars in LIPA monthy bills (electricity), or have no mind space or heartfelt quiet time to write.

Finally (not too soon), my child-less artsy Auntie Bee, when bro and i as kids made faces into her overcooked veggies, would proffer, “Now, eat your greens, kids. Children are starving in India.” We actually took this to heart.

Photo: Summer “cottage”, #Westhampton, NY.

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The Militancy of Micro Management

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 12.00.19 PM

Sometime during a bitter cold February afternoon I sat uncomfortably in a glass enclosed interior conference room at Rockefeller Center. I was present as an unpaid board member of a substantial environmental #NGO. It was a faked smiley meeting of small souls and constrained brains but I had committed to serve (pro bono) the board as communications advisor. Being an aspiring humanist near an altar of ego stupidity is freaky. During the same period I was also a volunteer negotiator for the Graphic Artists Guild (#GAG, another acronym ya gotta luv) and the consciousness contrast between the two orgs was wider than the Texas panhandle or the gap in Limbaugh’s brain.

The artsy group was fun and creative solution conclusions were barely embittered nor did they turn revengeful. As we settled disputes between commercial artists and giants of the communication industry – pub houses, ad agencies, media powerhouses, and Fortune 500 marketing depts. – the parley treatments were satisfying for me and semi-disconcerting to the parties. Issues were about money, performance, and copyrights. My subordinate beast of a position with the enviro group was worse than twenty sequential visits in twenty days to a dentist. I continue to cringe every time i hail a cab to midtown #Manhattan.

That blustery post-Valentine’s day the tedious morning dragged on as I sipped Constant Comment tea, noshed on a shortbread scone and looked like i was listening. I had a recording device going, unbeknown to the legal dept. My stealth restlessness was not projected unless you could see the toes caught in my suede #Ferragamo flats – twitching. One of the older class acts at the table i admired, the remainder were harpy nagging complainers hung up on power tripping, cost of everything, and feathering their guilt nests applying BandAides via the cheapest air drops possible.

Working inside action packed #news rooms ruins one for life. The #Absurdism of reporting tragedies (comic operas) requires one unroll a prayer rug of humor, take up pool playing, and/or eventually succumb to stress keeling over in walking boots while in the field. Today, suffering complications from cirrhosis has declined in the media due to health plans allowing 28-days at a rehab and unions demanding folks piss in a cup. Freelancers working in communications are still f*cked. They receive neither retirement bennies nor #Obamacare but their eulogies are usually works of art.

The #greenies in Rocky II fit no particular genre except they bought their way onto a big time enviro NGO board. I functioned as token escapee from Mad Ave. who was also a respected bi-coastal birder and white paper writer. Chiefs at the enviro table were neither generous conciliators nor particularly versed in the ways and wonders of wild places and wild things. I was convinced they also fell into the Bush baby super market blind spot – none knew the price of milk let alone the cost of renting in SOHO. They acted above it all – because they were.

The guiding lesson I integrated during the 12-month internment on the enviro board was threefold: 1) I needed to materialize a Komodo dragon-lady or transgender with larger fangs and longer painted claws; 2) soul-asleep moguls awash in generational culpability are nasty clones no matter if in “service” to a greenie or foreign policy board; and, 3) a jerk is a jerk no matter how many birds are falsely added to their life list, or which side of the Pal and Israhell issue they inhabit.

From this year long sentence my working perspective about committee efforts ritualized. From then on I watched do-gooders in all types of orgs (including political) without judgment or with much respect. They seemed to be a needy lot (yet, some very stylishly attired) with self-reproach more an unrecognized motivator than compassion considered. They liked to bump up against the system deploying the same tools the system does never realizing what was sorely needed was a total rebuild of human interaction otherwise mass trainspotting will kill us all.

The last couple of days – here from the hut – a dear friend’s reminder “no good deed goes unpunished” has rung way too many times. God’s sense of humor is of conscience design?

#Writers who have broken from the gate too many times are their own worse blameworthy critics and obsessive editors. Yet, we have one tiny tool to stifle the bitches on wheels and the basturds from Bablyon – hit the delete button. I learned this from farming, gardening, and sitting in Rocky Center. Life is about letting go, not hanging on.

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 11.59.42 AM

Idiocy of the Anti-Zionist #Zionists

If one operates with an exonerated heart in gear and a nubile brain engaged there is no way one could NOT realize the sickening plight of Palestine. For 67 years, the “chosen folks” have wrecked god-awful havoc on their #Arab neighbors to establish and expand the phony state of Israel by killing #Christians and #Muslims, stealing land, ruining lives and even demolishing ancient Bedouin villages and certain holy places.

The latest ploy by Zionist lobby groups and the cow tow media to instill global fear that Iran is going to drop the big one on Israel is orchestrated poopycock. The real narrative is #Israel does not want to become accountable to establish peace with #Palestine.

Fear manipulated and dispersed widely generates money and power for arms dealers, shrinks, and day traders. The broader brush of circulated lies stirs the simmering pot of blame and shame. Gruesome bigotry, ala the KKK, or heaps of skin heads in the white-skinned American military police force are akin to groups of the dysfunctional in social media.

Anyone who is close to Jewish friends or cohorts is familiar with a pervasive paranoia some Jews manifest. Freud and Jung designed analysis to specifically treat a hysterical Jewish clientele. Woody Allen created an award winning career in the movies writing, directing, and portraying neurotic Jews.

Delivering snarling doses of twisted perspective from revenge-ridden trolls using social media as their emotive dumping ground is quickly establishing a new found untreated mental illness. I have yet to label this post millennial madness. Then again writing a vanity check to #AIPAC ( to falsely go to war with Iran, or hopping on US Senator Sheepdog’s (Bernard #Sanders) bandwagon serves what and whom? Are these the latest human greasy gloves fit onto flailing hands of guilt bordering on mass lunacy? Is there a polluting slick (read social disorder) emerging from thousands of years of human de-edifying denial? Is this shit storm spreading across our freedom digital matrix? When did sickos within social media flip out posts of defaming idiocy in favor of bedlam rather than what the innocent hoped would be humanity’s grand last stand for solidarity – a free Internet?

Take a resonant meditative breath. Even though I state I am a global citizen of the blue marble, I am a one-state advocate – for Palestine. I am neither hate monger, nor particularly biased against Jews or other cultures. Yet, I have zip respect for any mouthy or hushed Zionist or anti-Zionist Zionist – let alone puppet politicians who stand for the gross state of Israel. I do find the generational arcane argument by American Jews, “Gee, I never knew it was so bad in Palestine,” as weirdly void as the nearest black hole to our pipsqueak of a wondrous planet.

Many, during my rapt years as a Cali and then NY Democratic Committeewoman, too loudly whispered from the back, side, and front of the room, “There she goes our Muslim lover.” For the funky record, I have never had a Muslim lover – it is against the rules of Islam and I honor same. Yet, I do not rule out marrying a Muslim as I do believe I am capable of one more incredible love experience before the rainbow bridge appears – so the floor is open to exceptional Muslims and others who may qualify. For public transparency and pivotal ethics, my brother married into a family of Christian Arabs (Lebanese, Palestinian, and Egyptian), who are more paying-it-forward successful and dedicated to the Constitution of America than any of my former political party members.

Moving on, AIPAC dishes out engineered dual citizenships (USA & Israel) for US of Constant Wars elected national leaders (see graph below, unconfirmed). In the land of the Brits, festers AIPAC’s handmaiden, the Conservative Friends of Israel  ( . The Israeli #LawofReturn is in place to confirm any Jew can assume citizenship of Israel without abandoning their home country’s allegiance. The Law of Return (Hebrew: חֹוק הַשְׁבוּת, ḥok ha-shvūt) is Israeli legislation, passed on 5 July 1950, providing Jews the right of return and the right to live in Israel and to gain citizenship. In 1970, the right of entry and settlement was extended to people of Jewish ancestry, and their spouses. It is the core upside bullshit granting every Jew in the world the right to settle in Israel and why the ‘chosen folks’ believe they can commandeer the land and people of Palestine, Lebanon, the Sinai, and beyond. (Bold formatted words are not my doing).

In 2014, thirty-seven House of Commons Members of Parliament (MPs) and PPCs (Brits leaders) visited Israel as guests of the Conservative Friends of Israel. The percentage of Westminster’s allegiance to the CFI is estimated at 40 to 75% of the political body of decision makers. Yet, I suspect since May 7, 2015, when the Scottish National Party (#SNP) won 56 out of 59 MP seats, the number substantially decreased. Scots are pro-Palestine supporters, advocates, and the rowdy bagpipe players and drum beaters for independence and freedom – of theirs, and others under the boot of the empire.

Basically, there are NOT a lot of Jews in Scotland, and never have been (less than 0.01% of the population). If you were a Scottish Jew, you probably migrated to the US of Constant Wars, or some other commonwealth. Maybe there are less than 6,000 Jews resident in Scotland. They live in the two major urban centers. Today, meeting a Jew in the Highlands could only mean there is a Gollywood movie being filmed. Although, if you had your childhood kilt sewn and tailored (like mine) and mailed to America it was probably sewn and/or pressed by a Jew in Glasgow. (

There are supposedly 100,000 AIPAC members in America and about 2,000 Conservative Friends members in England. But like the Jews of Scotland, numbers on both sides of the pond (Atlantic Ocean) are dwindling faster than water tanks in LA. In fact, the majority of Israeli residents/settlers are not followers of the Hebrew faith, rather they are secular in religiosity, not unlike Jews of the upper East Side of Manhattan – gung ho on the pretense of Hebrew culture but not regular readers of the Talmud.

How a Jew could vote for the Bibi slaughter party is no mystery. Bibi’s scaremongering campaign and paper ballots won the day or at least the majority for the Israeli Likud Party. The final Likud slogan was stark: “It’s Us or the Left: only Netanyahu, only Likud.” The Likuds ‘drug’ around the ‘save us from Iran nuking Israel’ petard feeding societal paranoia – what I label ethnic terrorism.

Hatred of self and emotional inferiority has poorly served the Jews of this planet fostering innate suspicion and downloading an insular numbness. Maybe this is why they have no legitimate country? Such is God’s judgment not mine. Selling the holocaust as if a brand of soap pushes the plight of victimization and herds Jews away from the shared centrist compassion of our species (why they need special dispensation like the Law of Return?). Gamesmanship supercedes and collective suffering is an excuse for criminality when exploited for political and economic reasons – such a manifestation denies humanity for all.

Lately, parts of social media are a flutter and a fuss over the slamming and attempted dismantling of pro-Palestine groups who have Jewish leadership and supporters. The tiny Anti-Zionist Zionist movement could be straight out of the Nazi playbook filtered through the technology of Mossad. More is to be revealed. In the fury and flurry to do something to help Gaza, bleeding hearts, good souls, and knee-jerk liberals rushed to Western Union to send bucks into rubble and ranked Gaza. In the meantime, the Israel propaganda machine fired up its paranoia cannons declaring Hamas the cause and reason to destroy once again tiny seaside Gaza.

US policy makers stuffed from noshing at the trough of AIPAC, who are apparently more ‘Jewish’ than the Reformed Synagogue of Palm Beach (see the graph below, again), make sure billions of tax payer dollars continue to flow down the pipeline to poor orphaned Israel, the victim of homemade shoulder pipe bombs so inaccurate they literally cannot hit the broadside of an IDF tank.

Too true to reactionary form, the surfeit of chemical and lethal ordinance dumped by the IDF on Gaza and the daily bloody and freakish control of Palestinians continues with little abatement. Drones continue to deafen the ears of babies on the Gaza Strip and Palestine ER services soldier-on to miraculously assist the incoming injured and emotionally maimed from Arab scorched babies to Arab elderly smacked down by hit and run settlers.

Hamas is the official elected govt. of Gaza. It is the paymaster for 45,000+ govt. employees in Gaza from teachers to surgeons – a magical cluster now living on next to nothing, not unlike the rest (1.6 million) trapped in Gaza. Life sustaining tunnels are demolished and promises to rebuild Gaza evaporated; yet, the holy spirit of Palestinians to act as MLK’s emissaries is remarkable if not supernatural. I am seriously beginning to consider those in Gaza are God’s true chosen folks.

In the name of common sense and morality, the UN terrorist list must name the incurable apartheid entity called Israel and remove Hamas. However, the shadow state of the hegemony prefers to sell and deliver its death machines to Israel. The pre-staging of people accepting lies as truth and brutality under the guise of defense is not limited to Tel Aviv.

Anyone who signs a check over to AIPAC or the Conservatives for Israel, or accepts donations as political payoff is being yanked front and center onto the world stage. Righteous #Netizens refuse to profit from suffering. We stand apart, openly revealing a world gone asinine. Our voice becomes more honed, and our vision more attune to what Palestinians prefer instead of what diplomats, self-appointed pundits, and corrupted academia tout.

Those seeped in ugliness and vitriol who are critical of the Jews standing up for Palestine are more racist than any enraged group of naysayer I have encountered, and I have been circulating amongst the body politic for a while.

For those of us who are students of history, out of necessity rather than profit, the use of the holocaust to justify frenzied apartheid, slaughter, and burnt Arab babies now makes the official version suspect. It is a growing social media blowback and under closer examination, the tourist fashioned demonstration of gas chambers and smoke stacks appear to be built by the Stalinist state to insist on blind obedience to their version of history.

I have visited a holocaust museum. I have stood in front of the giant black and white mural photographs of emaciated human flesh and skeletons piled like logs. My emotive response is the same – where are the wall sized photos of murdered Native Americans, butchered whales, bare bones African kids by the millions, let alone shivering Palestinian kids shackled for years in Ktzi’ot Prison. This Israeli prison is the largest detention camp (excluding Gaza) in the world, located 45 miles southwest of Beersheba, Israel, in the desert. Ktzi’ot covers ninety-nine square miles so surely someone in the US State Dept. or piddle stream media would notice it, wouldn’t they?

As to the Anti-Zionist Zionists, your manic retribution needs professional attention. Spite is pithy bitterness that leads to disintegration of the soul. Abandonment of self is a serious self-deception malevolence. Persecution complexes transform a reasonable person into one with an acute irrational fear that other people are plotting one’s downfall and these folks are responsible for one’s failure. Persecutory delusions are the most common form of delusions in schizophrenia where the person believes “he or she is being tormented, followed, tricked, spied on, or ridiculed.” The clustering of those buying into this disorder is not new – stress of war, conflict and disaster are epochs of mass persecution.

The irony is the ignis fatuus of persecution appears here:Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 2.23.28 AM

“As part of the Nuremberg Principles, crimes against humanity are part of international law. Principle VI of the Nuremberg Principles states that

The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:…(c) Crimes against humanity:

Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds, when such acts are done or such persecutions are carried on in execution of or in connection with any crime against peace or any war crime.”
Source: Wikipedia

Pro-Palestine Groups Surge and Zionists Lock and Load

Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 9.32.03 PM

#Free Palestine is a fluid international movement of humanitarians around the world. In social media, free #Palestine supporters everyday empower newfound public understanding and awareness. In full reactionary form, nasty pressure is poured on the landscape from #Zionists and their willing operatives and platoons of Internet trolls.

This is a short field report from inside the cyber-war where the righteous refuse to acquiesce to apartheid Israel, in whatever forms or foaming the Zionist madness assumes. I purposely do not name or shame as I like to keep the cork in that bottle. My straight talking style is to rise above personalities and showcase principles. The entire she said he said approach inherent to infighting is counterproductive no matter resident in a marriage, a group of do-gooders, or the US of Constant Wars State Dept. Importantly, ONLY Palestinians can determine the actualization of what they perceive is a humane and just Palestine. Non-Palestinian supporters are invited helpmates and freedom fighters for justice.

The facts: Zionists disguise themselves as Palestinians (hiding in cyber space). Zionist trolls deploy fake or stolen IDs. Zionists work as moles inside NGOs and/or #Facebook (FB) groups to manufacture lies, internal dissent, and disinformation. Miles and piles of threatening rhetoric flow from a mostly unknown yet suspected central Zionist cesspool attempting to push off and piss off compassionate pro-Pal activists. Yet, the movement to free Palestine steadily grows with freshly minted nurturing projects, improved insight, astute lobbying, global boycotting, and more creative endeavors to make a difference for the greater good.

Recently, Zionist venomous attacks in social media focus on respected pro-Pal leaders and #MENA journalists dedicated (for years) to Palestine being what Palestinians want not what Washington desires, or the state of Israel insists. Zionist Internet deceptions and scams are beyond vitriol and too many times down right insane. Zionist trolls come-out in enraged blogs, FB and Twitter posts and comments, or provoking personal chats saying they are pro-Palestine, yet their negative actions, constant backbiting scenarios, and malicious personalized harassment belie a cruel agenda to destroy from within not just derail the pro-Pal movement.

Zionist super extremists secrete within the milieu of pro-Palestine activism to viciously clandestinely disrupt and fester distrust. This snaky m.o. is too similar to Jew-baiting acted out during the Civil Rights Movement, and PSYOPS of today’s covert military.

One current Zionist technique active in social media is to spread god-awful lies to smear the character of pro-Pal leadership who are Jewish. The master goal is to offend and bend all folks working to lend a real hand to the people of Palestine. Zionist name slamming reminds me of the decades I served the Democratic Party and yelped on and on ‘say friggin’ no to negative campaigning.’ To repute a person’s character is slander and libelous intent is punishable by law. What is obvious to those clear-headed or savvy to waves of herd hazy opinions, Jews actively pro-Palestine (as individuals, groups, or cadre) are a concentrated troublesome lot for the state of Israel!

There is much discussion in the rank and file of pro-Pal activists how to handle the incessant harangue of Zionist liars lying spinning out caca. The fact some obsessed Zionists – behind revolving faked profiles – threaten harm to pro-Pal leadership and their families belies how powerful the pro-Pal movement is gaining in global awareness, empowerment, and solidarity. Desperate acts originating from those on the wrong side of an issue are reeking indicators your team is gloriously gaining the high ground.

Freedom fighters are an inclusive segment of humanity who by innate personality and acute concern never give up and never give in. Zionist attempts to spoil the movement are severely weakened before they begin. Trolling works undercurrent and prefers isolated shadows of fear and paranoia. Activists are transparent communicators who go on (and, on) at noble length supporting each other and their cause – in the wide open – and at times too receptive in honest eagerness and passionate approachability. Fear is the vocabulary of the hidden and resigned. Trolling maybe a snarky cyber-based invention of this century, but its basic putrid motive has haunted our species since Eve picked the apple.

By intent and nature, activism lives in the sunlight. Fit to be tied is what trolls (as living beings or bots) are programmed gamed and geared for plus their tinny medium is cyber-stalking and matrix subterfuge. Scintilla is not their thing, nor can they stand up to a group of vibrant right action warriors intent on exposing their cowardly crap.

Reviewing the latest piddle streaming from a thicket of Zionist trolls, I recall how last summer (2014) during the bombing of #Gaza, I regularly received faked porno videos of ‘myself’ from faux FB subscribers along with personal attack chats and photos of disgust from non-existent friends each time I released one more truth. Such lame retort comes with the turf I inhabit. Facebook is not known for its unilateral consistency in protective policies of its 1.5 billion. Screen shots, reports, and blocking of trolls is required along with keeping a vetted clean list of friends.

Noisy politico writers are moving targets, in more ways than one. My in-bred humanistic politics, pro-Pal stance (majority of my family are Arabs or Arab Americans), and pro-Earth birder rants use to be considered extremely radical. Time passes. We age. Humanity awakens? And . . . my rowdy views become tenderly old hat.

I consider this a mammoth compliment and a welcomed badge of earned audacity.

(Graphics from April 15, 2014 – yet, valuable.

Status Quo is a Poor Praxis

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 5.30.02 PM

#Justice seekers come in a range of colors, sizes, shoe style, brain ability, heart expanse, and head gear. A few generate golden halos, yet most are hopefully involved to drudge and purge for the greater good. What has perplexed me for decades roaming around the edges of the power elite is how sustaining remains the Peter Principle* in leadership. How come resumes and vitae are more important than the strength of innards, innate mettle or a high index reading on a compassion meter? I realize it is who you know, not what you are that propels one forward into Murica’s civil society leadership. This is not news – ask any recent #Yale or #Harvard grad how they expect to get their career launching position.

#America suffered a head-on collision when it fell in love with corporate paid academics, corporate consultants, and politically handsome adept talkers (read bullshitters). Cultural creative problem solving and multitude deployment of common sense went out with a tsunami tidal surge of greed and fear in favor of public conformity (read miniaturizing of the soul) to maintain generational status quo as the be all, end all. Do not read what follows as if i am anti-tradition, for i am in many aspects of my perspective a thumper for the observance of rituals and an advocate of heritage of family, culture, and community.

What brings me to this rant is reviewing a govt. board of leaders in NY State who manage energy policy. I was researching their bios and their spouses bios – this is normal for me to look for the usual bedrock of nepotism and overt cronyism. Every single one of these folks I bet at age 17 was a dynamic individual in waiting. They then went out into society and subsequently bought into the empire’s paradigm of following the leaders who follow the leaders to become the leaders.

Getting the big bucks wearing suits taking up space on the bench is a lifestyle. Never solving quickly the systemic problem is the institution. What i call ‘the get along to go along m.o.’ to win the five bedroom home on the cul-de-sac. These elephantine feeding fests define and divine America’s postulates for the good life. A good education barely evolves toward innovation let along pushing the culture forward toward equality and balance. Americans seeking shelter and #Armani sell out stuck in fear believing they are doing it for family and flag. It is a convenient play to cultivate same same.

Recently, I raised a query with an activist journalist how a newbie activist was a lifelong consultant for the business as usual mind f*cks who are destroying Earth. Her response was classic, “Well, everybody has to make a living.” Then she went on to explain her time served for Big Pharma. Justification is fate?

I too slaved for the #empire as a creative director and whipper snapper VP for the third largest ad agency on the planet. But, then one cloudy day, not that old, I got up and walked out leaving projects in the lurch and future lawsuits pending (regarding performance contracts). I am unsure what was my exiting epiphany. It was a foggy morning by the city by the bay. I could not see a damn thing through the giant windows of the 22nd floor corner office I was inhabiting – except a yukky putrid yellowish grayish color. Somehow, this highrise view triggered massive pings of consciousness and conscience. Or maybe, it was the manifestation of the pineal gland seeing not just looking. It was one of my better life changing decisions.

Ethical regards is a term i use, but not like cotton candy or to slather up the room replete in too many memories. It means something significant because without values American humanity would be nothing but cash machines and shopping sprees. Oh, you noticed, too, eh?

The entire argument over a $15 per hour wage is ridiculous. No one can live on that, or less, inside mall brained, credit-card scared, war-binging America. Let us get real. It take more constant ingenuity and astute daily emergency planning to live at the poverty level than any Wharton School of Business grad has ever known. A living wage is available at $100K annually, for everybody, if we awake and take the throttle away from the war mongering overseers.

About 50 million Americans live below the poverty line, which the federal government defined in 2013 as an annual income of $23,550 for a family of four. In 2007, the year before Obama took office, the poverty rate was 12.5 percent. There are an estimated 320 million Americans. The American diaspora (expats living overseas, like me) is estimated between 3 and 7 million, but i would venture the number is growing exponentially. Those living in extreme poverty inside the US of Constant Wars ($2 per day) is up 159% since 1996 at a current estimated 1.85 million.

Cutting to the front of the flock – there should be citizen activists not caught in the corporate trap serving on every govt. ruling body in America. They should be appointed but not by resume, merit, hair style, friendships, or social relevancy. They are there because they exhibit a value structure of endurance not cooked by ego, familial or political connections. They are connected because they are noisy advocates for life. We use to call these citizens advisory committees but what I am proposing is a realignment of leadership, from middle to top to bottom. We would not junk competition and ego ambition but insert into the human equation of paying it forward thoughtful folks with passionate ethics and raging empathy.

Resumes never told me anything mind blowing about a person, but then again I had portfolios to review, music to listen, and writing samples to read.

In my idealism as commandeer of the wholistic world where ethics over ride greed, every single govt. appointed board would include members who were not from the prevailing status quo. The new blood might be everyday Joe or Jill citizen or a far out artist – but each exhibits a fresh vision for his or her community. They are the people who refuse to accept what it is under the pretense of that is all there is, and why change it. They look for the simple pathway through the mazes of the bureaucracy because they have survived it to the best of their imaginative ability.

Too many of us are taught sheepskin dullness is sparkling and we acquiesce to the power structure constrained by its own pitiful inane smallness. Wholism is expansive – it is experimental, it is harmony, it is energy. Education is not limited to residing in the artificial lit halls of demagoguery, academia, or cubical corporations. Some of the most inspiring appeals i witnessed at the podium originated from ‘regular’ folks who used common sense coupled to simple organizing of thoughts. They saw from the original light with no special interest pulsing from the darkness “do this, not that.”

Pettiness is inherent in organizations designed to exist ad infinitum. This is why term limits are vital to a living govt. No one should be elected in govt, appointed to govt. posts, or serve in govt. without a sunset clause. For a US Senator or Representative to hold court for anything more than 12 years is a set-up for situations of control and narrowness as it is sadly human nature to fuss protecting a dominion once it becomes solidified.

Change is pandered about as not normal for humans. This is a crock of crap. We are the most adaptable species on this gorgeous blue marble. If you doubt it, look at the abject shit people put up with in the ever widening spectrum of horror shows. We know how to change. The empire sells this status quo myth to keep the service economy plantation working and the war machines pumping out profit for the elite. It repeats constantly (at least in the western world) this is how you get ahead in life. You follow form. You conform to what is expected and viola you excel in life. This is the ‘you are what you drive’ mythology of contemporary existence in prozac nation.

Every artist, scientist, thinker, doer, believer, and tinker who does not buy into the mental madness of conformity succeeds. They innovate. They create. They solve the problem. They excel. They become their dreams.

What are you waiting for? Nothing changes if nothing changes.

“Change unleashes people’s creative energy.”

*The Peter Principle is a concept in management theory formulated by Laurence J. Peter in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate’s performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and “managers rise to the level of their incompetence.”

Why Abrogating is Shitty for the Human Soul

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Happy Sunday from Latitude Nine. The weather at 10 AM is a very high overcast, temperature 79 F degrees, and humidity 58 with a slight breeze from the northeast instead of the normal oceanic southwest.

Negativity is in its tail dragging devilish regard – a tail spin addiction. People are swept up by negativity and from a psychological perspective constant angst serves the ego with a complicated series of escape routes as a way to uphold weak esteem and not feel the entire gamut of human emotion from intimacy to aesthetic appreciation. Much of anguish is borderline neurotic as if the personality is incapable of realizing the benefit of being aware able to discover and practice harmony.

There is a definitive overload most of us reach when inundated with constant crap. Some install faith, prayer, paying it forward, and giving love to the least fortunate in one’s midst while others roll around in the pessimism impugning their entire living sphere with invalidation. Yes, negativity is a dramatic sign the persona is not integrated. It is a human being fractured disavowing good vibes and rejecting internal and external affirmation. Drama queens, we all know some, are hung up – they feed the nugatory to manifest a control point because they are weak in self-conceptualization yet their eyes glisten to telling the latest chunk of gossip.

Too many westerners were sadly programmed as a child by a gainsayer who put us down (and everything else) and consequently never experienced compassion in the form of compliments and deep hugs of appreciation. The dysfunction was thick and ran deep. These emotionally beaten kids grew up to emulate their role models, and so forth, as the generations of gloom and doom move through history. Some are intensely disguised in dour driven intellectual rhetoric or political commentary gone amok. Then there are the child rapists who were raped themselves as toddlers and choir boys. The repetitiveness of insanity is human development/devolvement for thousands of years.

How to change the paradigm is why we are here – now.

The empire is well aware of our antagonist denial and uses our inherent mass of spirally puke to empower in reverse. What is in actuality the basis of life – living the entire spectrum of human experience including joy and being free is replaced with the staid of status quo. Lately, stalling happiness within humanity by constant under the boot austerity delivered by fake saviors (war mongers Sanders, Obama, etc) etc., had a tipping point – 9/11 – to kickoff an age of digital cynics from intellectuals to the man in the pulpit to the conspiratorial nut jobs we all read here on FB.

To keep the madness afoot, the disseminated snews in America is mostly one god-awful story after another. Human interest reporting is nearly a dead art because we have a far reaching genocide to the heart operating in Murica. Fourteen years of war does that to people. Fear feeds it and one nation under alienation is its shield.

Social media is a macro of the dissentient. When i review the latest rolling news feeds on FB it is one horrific circumstance after aother or one more Holly-go-Lightly meme. Substance is lacking as is authentic glee let alone the personal touch. I try and find loving people who are telling their stories using their own words or images. I am in the middle of the teeter tower. I leak and seek peeling the stinky onion yet at the same time I hope I serve up dishes of pleasurable wonder about radiant nature. My vision is filtered through birds and flipping both sides of the coin of the FB realm by adding a wink of humor glued to the delivery.

Being carefree is a calling. I am not talking about glad-handers or faux happy faces. I mean folks who actually are not souring the world with daily meals of subjugation. Free loving brilliant people who generally remit the creative delights of life are becoming a rarity. Maybe this is why the price of the master’s fine art at auctions is astronomical?

Trolling, cyber bullying, and other digital poisoned arrows to the heart are on the rise. The matrix is running a spectrum of awfulness where kindness and civility are not at the reins of human conduct. I hover over Fedbook and perceive what an incredible opportunity for humanity to become border-less and lose our competitive enslaving robes and lowering our shields.

If we are forced by our own insecurity into control by others or become sneering putdown gatekeepers we become cogs instead of sparks of humankind innovation. If we are flattened in the middle of the pot-holed road by steam rollers of stupidity and cleverly repressed rage it is our responsibility to change our attitudes and end the manipulations – within and without.

Being victimized by our own mind is sabotage of the heart. The personality is designed by a higher power to be grateful and in sync. Our consciousness is not to act like herded sheep- rather we are here to accept and share the gift of happiness. You want a current events role model for hope and positiveness? Look at those stuck in blown-up rubble or packed like sardines on a vessel sinking toward distant shores – as they have not succumbed to the persistent whip of human insanity. In 2015, we are all refugees, of one kind or another?

In a looming pervasive sense of hope, determining one’s attitude adjustment is about “how important is it?”